Aug 28, 2007

The Trauma of Eyelash Extensions

Yes, it looks great and sexy and it does your eyes wonders. It's supposed to last 3 weeks. 3 weeks of great looking eyes! You might think some discomfort is all worth it, but you're wrong!
I just got home from removing mine.

After 4 days of beautiful looking eyes, I woke up 2 nights ago with an eye infection. From 4am I was stuck in the bathroom using whatever eye solutions I could find to get rid of this intense itchy and stinging sensations my eyes were feeling but to no avail.

I tried making an appointment with a very irresponsible beautician (named Carol) from China who works through a boutique in Far East Plaza (#04-01) and pleaded with her to come in on her day off as I was in severe discomfort but she refused to budge. So I had to endure another day of infection being too embarrassed to go to the Doctor as I knew the scoldings I was going to receive from him.

So today comes and I'm on time waiting for Carol but she's an hour and a half late. The boutique owner starts to feel the pressure from me and decided to introduce me to another shop round the corner (called Charm) who also had the same services.

To cut the story short, I'm now home with swollen eyelids and a bald right eye. I left Far East Plaza in tears and swear to never introduce any client of mine to go for it.

Lesson learnt. Painfully and tearfully

Aug 27, 2007

Rakuu Designs Shoe Wheel

Rakuu Designs Shoe Wheel, $65 is God's gift to women! It holds up to 30 shoes, depending on the type and size. It stores everything from sneakers to flats and stilettos, and comes in black, silver, white and pink. The coolest part, in my opinion, is the fact that the shoe wheel is mobile. But don't go lugging it to your next vacation - chances are it won't meet the carry-on requirements!
Hmm... I wonder if they ship...

Jul 23, 2007

The Prime Society

Great new hangout place on Dempsey Road called The Prime Society. This is one of Carl's projects and he's very proud of it calling it his baby. For all of you who are sick of eating at P.S Cafe for the thousandth time, check this one out. The ribs with thai chilli and lime are to die for! The fries are perfectly done. Chrispy on the outside and creamy inside : )
Don't forget the most important meal, dessert! mmm!!! Have the Pina Colada, thinly sliced pineapple with rum soaked jelly and a scoop of fantastic ice-cream ooohhhh!
And Brunch is scrumptious! Makes me hungry just writing about it!
Drinks are excellent too! The bar mixologist is awesome!

Update on Anya

Where else but China has come out with fake Anya Hindmarch 'I'm not a plastic bag' bags! So ridiculous! Now it really looks awful to me. Don't think Ebayers are going to make fast money from their stash anymore.

Perfect Foundation Brush

This is such a perfect Foundation Brush from Benefit. I am really glad this brand is here in Singapore. It's so quirky and fun! It makes make-up fun! Kind of reminds me of playing house when we were little girls.
I like using the Foundation Brush most as it's the cleanest, easiest to wash and dries in no time. A real no fuss. It also uses very little foundation for more coverage, the less is more concept. Great for liquids, creams or cake foundation.

Autumn's Star Product

Chanel's Camilla's lipstick palette is soo Lush! I can't bear to use it! This is their Autumn/Winter star product which you really need to grab! I know that they have a cult following of women who buy every single one of their star products, amazing!
So this yummy palette launches late august if you're interested.

Coco Mademoiselle

Keira Knightley is the new face of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle perfume. This girl is really growing on me. She seems more beautiful everytime. We were invited to preview the making of and the new T.V Commercial and they've made her look so much like the real Madame Coco!
And the fragrance is stunning too!

Jul 18, 2007

Limited Edition

Mr Shu Uemura celebrates his 79th birthday this year! These limited edition cases are a definite worthy investment for all you make-up fanatics out there. All the make-up artists and press were invited to the launch and to celebrate the special day with them 2 weeks ago at CK Tang. I was given a brush case which is soo pretty. Perfect for your day handbag use, it also comes with a zipper compartment for cosmetics. Worth checking it out!

Jul 16, 2007

Off! Insect Repellent

This must look so silly! But living in Singapore where the weather is awfully friendly to Mozzies is really not such a funny situation. I had dengue a couple of months ago and swear I'd never want to experience it ever again! So I am left with very little choice but to protect myself every single day.

A very good friend of mine who lives in NYC recently came back to Singapore with a can of Off! for me. Yes, it was quite an auntie thing to do but I'm extremely grateful!

I don't get how Singapore pharmacies and drug stores are so backward with their porducts?! I mean wouldn't insect repellent be big business for them? Bring in all the different kinds of repellents for goodness sake!

So back to that wonderful Off! product, it was a non-sticky spray! It just came out powdery and it felt so nice! Perfect for our Humid climate!
Is anyone travelling to the States soon? Can i place an order please : )

Better Than Anya

I think I've been seeing too much of the Anya Hindmarch 'I'm not a Plastic Bag' bag. It's really not as nice as I thought it would be! It looked more like a handbag than a tote bag, and it's way too small for a grocery bag that's for sure! Then you see these girls feeling really chic about it toting it around when really the only big fuss for it was beacause of the limited amount that Anya Hindmarch releases each time!

So this morning I was going through the usual sites and came across this really fantastic bag called the baggu. It's definitely much bigger than the Hindmarch and the straps look so much more comfortable compared to the roped other. I placed an order of 3 bags that cost us$24.00 plus shipping and got 3 fantastic colors!

Isn't having some style way better than some designer brand : )

Jul 9, 2007

Alex Noble

This guy is a real talent! Met him a couple of years go (through Susie) while he was in Singapore working for Batey Ads. Such a talented artist! You got to check out his stuff! And some of them are for sale. Worth every cent!

Alex has since moved to Tokyo as a Senior Art Director for a very big Advertising Agency and I got to meet him again through Facebook! See it is a good thing!


Yes, I've been missing in action for some time now. Susie introduced me to Facebook and I've been hooked on it eversince! It's such an addiction!

Facebook is sort of like Friendster but cooler and much more entertaining. I get to play Scrabble with friends, throw food at them, post funny pictures on their walls, virtual pets and even have your own garden. So I sheepishly admit to having igonred my Blog all because of Facebook!

But you guys should really check it out too : )!
It really is so much fun!

Jun 27, 2007

Dear Susie Woozie

The Pasta Salad!

ah? someone already asked about that pasta salad?! can you email me the recipe cos i want to make it for the in-laws. nice summer dish to have i thought...
it's the one with the orecchiette pasta, olive tapenade (from marks & spencers), sugar snap peas, cheese (feta?). just mix together right? anything i missed?
you're the best CB!
xox susie

The easiest dish in the world! All you'll have to cook is the pasta! And the eggs if you want...
Trick is to use all organic veggies, pasta and feta cheese. Somehow it just tastes better and feels good for you! I like the fusilli pasta best with it. The texture compliments the salad!

You'll need

Black Olive Paste (2 tablespoons)
Chopped Black Olives (up to you, the more the merrier!)
Organic Olive Oil (5 tablespoons)
Pepper (alot!)
Salt (a little!)
Lemon (half) Squeezed

Mix all of that (it's your salad dressing) in one big salad bowl while cooking the pasta Al Dente style.

Chop Long Beans, Tomatoes, Sweet Peas/ Sugar Snap Peas and some Rocket.
Mix (cooked and rinsed in cold water) pasta into salad bowl with salad dressing first then add veggies and mix.
Then with your hands, crumble feta cheese into pasta and mix again.
Refrigerate for an hour.

Voila! Dinner for 5!

The Washingtonienne

Oh God! I couldn't put this book down! It was so skanky and fun to read! A definite girlie trashy book, the kind of book we LOVE to read!

Jessica Cutler was a typical messy 20something year old who got herself into trouble by starting a blog for her girlfriends in Washington just so she could update them with her scandals and adventures. Who she was shagging last night or how much she got paid during a lunch romp, all the dirty details! She lasted undercover for sometime till one of her girlfriends decided for her to publicize her blog so she could start making some money! But obviously it all got out of hand! All new mommies that need some drama, please go and buy this book for a funny, entertaining read ; )
Her blog is still online reposted by some geek. She deleted her blog the very day she got busted but it was too late.

I read it in one afternoon!

Benefit Opens Tomorrow!


This is going to be soo much fun! So many of us are looking forward to this! Tomorrow Benefit opens it's first store in Singapore at CK Tang! Have fun girls and don't go too crazy!

Dear Sharon

Great Online Shopping!

Love your blog!
Makes me feel connected to my old love of shoes, bags and all things girly although i'm home alot these days with Kayla!
Have been able to continue shopping with her around via websites.. Are you going to include a post on fab shopping sites? :)
Aside from Net-a-porter.. any other great sites to indulge in?

Online shopping is soo much fun! I love the suspense and anticipation of it all! Ebay has to be my favourite! There's everything on Ebay! And bidding and winning is so satisfying hee. It can get frustrating though sometimes and therapy for overcoming it is being able to shop online without having to bid! Here are some of my favourite shopping sites besides Net-A-Porter! (dresses and bags!) (tees and underwear/ basics) (funky clothes and house stuff) (young designers with great clothing concepts carrying my favourite label Burfitt pictured above) (designer handbags!) (american casual) (exactly what is says) (unique designer stuff that we can't find in Singapore)

Jun 21, 2007

Attention All Aunties

Anya Hindmarch
'I'm Not A Plastic Bag' Bag

I've already left my name on a wait list for one of these wonderfully auntie bags! Can't wait to go marketing with it! Like so Chic like that!
Go to Anya Hindmarch boutique in Ngee Ann City now to reserve one!

It is afterall The most affordable designer bag!

Tips and Tricks- Getting a Spouse

The Love Wish

I have to share this with all of you! While I was single, I had alot of free time and read all sorts of books. Everything from trashy romance novels to crime to comics, astrology and feng shui. I was a fan of Lillian Too. She's a very famous feng shui expert from Kuala Lumpur and has written so many books on feng shui.

In one of her books titled Irresistible Feng Shui Magic, was a topic on finding one's true love. I've always felt Singapore to be very couple oriented, like it's almost not very single 'friendly' and honestly felt slightly awkward and lonely even though i was surrounded by wonderful friends. So from the 'society' pressure (or maybe it was just me who felt this way?) and the fact that I'm not getting any younger!, I decided to do something about it : )

I started focusing my energy into finding myself a wonderful man I could spend the rest of my life with. I had to be extremely sure, mind you! I wasn't going to just jump into the next relationship that came along, I promised myself that.

So I came across this article in the book about a Silver Box with peony motifs sybolizing love that can hold one's wishes for the perfect soul mate! It's not very easy finding a Silver box with peony motifs, and had to do one myself. Painting peonies (using oil paint) on an old silver box. I put my heart and soul into painting that box! After that was done, I sat down and started to think very long and hard what I was looking for in the man of my dreams. Stuff like how he must love animals, be patient, handsome, accept me for who I am... that sort of stuff.

I folded that note, put it in the box with a rose quartz and tucked it safely under the southwest corner of my bed. (my box was a square box, but if you got a round box, you should put it in the northwest corner). Voila! Not long later (about 6 months i think) The magic happened and my husband fits the bill to a tee!

Sometimes it could just be you, wishing and dreaming long and hard for something you really really want and it'll manifest! It's just how much you believe in something for it to work! No harm taking a chance right?

Jun 20, 2007

Danielle Hamm

Another one!

A few months ago Danielle was also in Singapore and we did a really great Fashion Spread with her for Icon Magazine (pic featured below). I think she got some really great Portfolio Pictures from our little Singapore too cause she's on the runway for this Fall's Louis Vuitton and other big brands! Take a look at the link below. So happy for her!

Lisa Cant


This is one of the many models that came to our little Singapore just so they could get some good editorial/ fashion spreads to fill up their portfolios and might have a chance of becomming one of the world's top models!

Here's proof! I worked with this lovely girl a few years ago here in Singapore and her name is Lisa Cant from Canada. Not long after she left Singapore, we started seeing her in all the fabulous top magazines from Paris to Italy! She's been the face of Chanel, Juicy Couture fragrance, Van Cleef and Arpels! Amazing!

This is why all of us are so addicted and passionate about our jobs!

Jun 19, 2007

Tips and Tricks- Eyeliners


There are different ways of applying eyeliners. Pencils, with Eyeshadows using a Sponge Tip or Brush and of course the most difficult (and scary!) Liquid Eyeliner.

Pencils are the easiest, of course but they also smudge and smear the easiest. Someone has however invented the waterproof pencil eyeliner! It's not a gimmick, I can definitely assure it really works! But the line that you'll be drawing with it won't be a thin line like the liquid eyeliner can achieve. Neither will it be a glossy black line (it's usually a matte black 2mm line you get from a pencil). So, pencils are best for that sexy grunge all over eyeliner as depicted in the black and white photo on your right.

Eyeshadow eyeliners need abit more experience as it can get messy and leave you with blotches of powder that escaped the brush onto your cheeks, or worse still, right under your eyes causing you to look like you haven't slept in 2 weeks! This is where the fan brush comes in handy! With light strokes, brushing away the fallen powder from the inside of your cheeks outwards. Eyeshadow eyeliners however don't work without a base (your foundation and powder) as there's nothing to hold the powder to your skin. But it does create a very nice soft line, almost like a smokey effect.

As for the frightening Liquid eyeliner, my trick is to NEVER use the brush it comes with! That brush needs hands of steel! Hands that have never trembled in their lives! Here's my trick: I use a steady thin flat square brush to help me achieve a nice straight thin line! I brush on the liquid eyeliner onto the ends of the brush and start from the middle of the eye slowly working my brush inward and start again from the outer corner working my brush to meet the middle of the line where i started! Soo easy! Just needs practice! Like everything else you are familiar and used to doing in your life, no sweat!

Jun 18, 2007

A First Book For Girls

Different Like Coco

Ooh! This is going to be the very first book my future daughter (I'm hoping! and we're trying!) is going to read! What an awesome book depicting the life of Madame Coco with fantastic drawings!

Elizabeth Matthews has written a perfect Springtime fancy, and the pen & ink illustrations are every bit as lively! Just right for introducing our (future) kids to a story about the little girl Coco who overcame her tough childhood with sewing skills learned in a Catholic orphanage.

First they must learn the story of the biggest fashion icon in the world and only then will they be fit to carry a Chanel!

The Hair Brush

Mason Pearson

Made in 1885 and perfected in the 1920's this is still the best hairbrush in the world! Different types of bristles for different hair types, the brush stimulates your scalp while brushing, increasing the blood flow to your roots and spreading your natural oil that emits from each strand of hair from root to ends conditioning and giving your hair a very healthy sheen.
All the brushes are handmade and really lasts a life time! An expensive purchase but oh so worth every single penny!

Zit Zapper


No way! Are these guys for real? I was browsing Allure magazine recently and came across this full page ad stating that using this little portable machine will eliminate zits in not more than 48 hours! I really would like to try this! If anyone of u already have, please tell me! I'm so curious!

Such a Great Gift

Loyd Maish

I received a fantabulous AND SOO expensive gift from my best friend May Yee yesterday! It's in advance for doing a fantabulous job on her very special day coming up in October! Thank you so much for this lovely lovely handbag! U will be the most beautiful, stunning woman that ever wedded in Bali : )

Beautiful Rainbow

We were shooting at the National Museum for Style Magazine and saw a most wonderful Rainbow! How lucky!

Foundation Faker

Some Kind-a Gorgeous

'For the girl on the go who wants record- breaking gorgeous skin without the fuss of Foundation'

This oil-free, cream to powder 'invisible Foundation' is so translucent it blends into any skin tone! Ideal for those who hate the feeling of Foundation or anything other than Moisturiser on their Face. This evens out your skin tone for complexion perfection but hardly conceals blemishes or dark eye circles (I recommend a little concealer on top of this product for spots that need coverage). Tried and Tested in Singapore and in Sweden and it works for both climates! Use it on it's own for the drier climates and with some loose powder for humid climates.

What a great package it comes in too!

Scents For My Senses

My Job makes it tough to use Fragrances. A bad or overpowering scent could give any Client or Model a real bad headache so light Florals work best. Refreshing, Rejuvenating scents to calm and ease my subjects leaves a lasting, comfortable and trustworthy experience

These are soo nice!

Diorissimo- Dior
Lovely- Sarah Jessica Parker
For Her- Narciso Rodriguez

Stand By Me Too

Here's a new discovery! I went on a shoot and realised I'd run out of Stand By Me One!(It's my Shu Uemura Make-Up Base) Oh the panic! But of course digging into my huge 'base' pouch i discover this lovely lovely Dior Base (called DiorSnow Pure UV Whitening Base SPF35) that I've had for a few weeks and had forgotten about it! What relief!

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive at first using something completely new to me and knowing I didn't have much time to rectify a mistake if I made one but there was no other choice. What a lovely surprise it was! My model's foundation stayed on all day outdoors without streaking or disappearing! Her foundation was immaculate!

But it is a Whitening product so I'm not sure how many of you (trying so hard to have a tan) will take to it...

No Excuses!

Oh I've been working working and haven't had the time, energy or brain power to Post anything! But today I will make up for all the lost days! R U ready for more Information? : )

Jun 11, 2007

Style Nordic

My one stop shopping mall! There's always something for me to buy, it's crazy! A really good friend of mine, Jonas, (a fantastic entrepreneur I must add!) started this Scandinavian boutique a year and a half ago. He came to Singapore on a Business Course and loved it so much He decided to make this little Island his home! Jonas is such a huge promoter of all things Scandinavian, always talking about it with so much Passion!

Before Style Nordic, there was basically only IKEA, the biggest ever promoter of Modern Scandinavian Lifestyle. IKEA introduced Decorating your house with nice affordable Do-It-Yourself Furniture and of course the Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce and Potatoes (yum!). It's probably been almost 20 years since someone else finally decided to introduce Scandinavia in a different light! So Skal to Jonas!

For proof of where Fashion Trends begin in the World, go to The Sartorialist's blog (I have a link to his blog on the left) and look through his May archives of Street Swedish Style. Scandinavia really IS where it all begins! AND the men dress better than the women! Unbelievable!
Whatever people are into wearing now on the streets of Scandinavia will be next year's fashion trend, I guarantee that!

Style Nordic brings in
Nudie Jeans -one of the best Denim makers in Sweden (makes the ass look real good!)
Denim Birds - by Nudie
Fillipa K
Burfitt -this one's my favourite!

Jun 6, 2007

Dear Hanna

Thank you so very much for being such a fan of my Blog! It's so nice to hear feedbacks all the time, makes me smile! You asked in your last email how you could protect your skin and at the same time to not look so pale and grey being cooped up in the office 9 hours a day.

Now, that is a tricky question for me! The first thing that came to my mind was to have outdoor lunches in the sun now that it's summer time, but it's not so good without UV protection. So i had to do some research and found that Olay has a product out in the market that is a new daily moisturizer designed to give your skin what it needs most to look healthy -- moisture, vitamin E and SPF 15 UV protection -- while gradually enhancing skin's natural color and tone with a touch of sunless tanner for a sun-kissed glow every day!

I've seen my mom use Olay for many many years and She still swears by it. Why not give it a try? I't's quite an inexpensive product and if it doesn't work, you can always recycle it as a moisturiser for your hands or legs. And the best bit is it won't leave messy orange streaks on your palms!

Exercising always helps too. Cardio gets your blood going and will get rid of grey undertones in your complexion : )

Jun 5, 2007

Fantastic Dior Foundations

Dior Pure Light Foundation
Dior Airflash Foundation

These are the 2 Foundations I use for work. Pure Light Foundation is a Liquid Foundation that glides on like smooth silk and gives a Dewy finish that works perfectly in front of Camera and great for Brides on their big day. It's a subtle Foundation which you can use with a Powder Foundation (applying with a brush) for more coverage. Works great on Caucasian or Asian Skin.

The Airflash Foundation gives an Airbrush finish, which is so good as i don't have to carry the silly Airbrush Machine everywhere i go! Perfect coverage and if applied on unevenly, can be blended with fingertips or a sponge. Dior has however never Advertised this product here in Singapore but if you ask the Beauty Advisors at the counter, they will gladly take it our for you from the cupboard! Europe and the States sell the bigger sized cans. Can be used approximately 20 times, depending on amount used each time.

Both very highly recommended!

Jun 4, 2007

This Gorgeous Dress

My Wedding Gown

I have to write a post on my gown. I'm so proud of it! A wedding gift from my beautiful mother, It's now being taken care of by my Mother-in-Law. Safely tucked away in her attic in the wonderful dryness and cold of Sweden. Best way to preserve a beautiful priceless heirloom for the future generation!

A Nina Ricci by Swede Designer Lars Nilsson. It has made me a very happy bride ! Here is a write up on his inspirations for his work:

From Lars Nilsson, a deep blue sea
By Suzy Menkes International Herald Tribune

The freshness of a Nordic ocean sea blew through the Nina Ricci collection, as the designer Lars Nilsson looked to his Swedish roots. The lingerie effects which had been part of Ricci's soft prettiness were banished in favor of stiffer cotton fabrics. Blue and white ticking stripes or decorative lines of stitching added to the fresh feel.

"A summer morning," said Nilsson backstage, referring to childhood inspirations and his native country's rain-washed blue sky color or biscuit beige the shade of a bleached wood. All that mingled with 15 years experience of Paris couture, which brought the subtle cut of a jacket and skirt that stood slightly away from the body and beautifully controlled volumes. A white broderie anglaise dress overlaying wine red chiffon combined seashore and salon.

The Sartorialist

Fantastic Blogger! A true inspiration! He goes aorund taking great Shots of fashionable people around the world and posts it. And i think from his blog, It's got him a monthly page in GQ, recurring guest blogs and videos for I am hooked!

My all-time favourite is:

Foundation Applicators

Cream or Liquid Foundations

Brush, Sponge or Fingertips? All 3 Applicators produce different results.

The Brush uses the least amount of Foundation. It applies Foundation evenly and gives a very nice sheer, smooth finish. There are different sized Foundation Brushes, the bigger ones are for all over and the smaller ones are for spots or contours. For everyday personal use, the big Brush is enough to do the Job. It's also easy cleaning and maintaining. Brush can be washed daily after use and dries in no time. And it's great for Cream or Liquid Foundation!

The Sponge absorbs the most foundation. I find my Foundation going to waste if i use a Dry Sponge, but not as much if my Sponge is Damp. A Sponge can be used a few times, washing it daily after use or discarding it weekly. I like using the Sponge with Cream Foundations. Not so much with Liquid Foundation as it can cause streaking if the sponge is not of good quality. I've found the best Sponge in the world from this Beauty Brand called Alcone. It's been voted by Allure Magazine for the past few years! It's buttery soft, triangle shaped and when soaked in water expands to a very good sized Sponge for an easy grip : ).

And lastly, our fingertips. Cheapest way to apply Foundation! But does it do the trick?
Using our fingertips is the heavier way to applying Foundation. You might use too much or too little. But of course practice makes perfect. It also takes a longer time compared to using a Brush or Sponge.

So I definitely recommend either using a Brush or Sponge as applicators and your fingertips only for spot coverage.

Stand By Me

Shu Uemura's UV Underbase

An incredibly lightweight Mousse Make-Up Base that Evens out Skin Tone, Protects from harmful UV Rays, Mattifies and helps to keep your Make-Up on longer. Can be used on it's own with some dusting of Loose Powder over for a light Foundation feel. This UV Underbase also holds and sets your foundation perfectly and feels so comfortable! It's a waterbase mousse so no oily feeling or discomfort.

I've used approximately 35 bottles so far and I'm still counting! I definitely swear by it and use it on every single face i touch. I've never had a complain, only good words explaining nice sensations one feels when applying. It's my little treat for the Models (i feel so sorry for them sometimes hearing Nightmare stories about Bad Make-Up Aritsts being really rough or using shit products on their lovely 16 year old skin causing horrible breakouts!).

Also for all the pigmentation fearing people out there! Here's your protection!

Can be applied with a sponge or fingertips.

Jun 1, 2007


For Auntie Angie & Susie Woozie

Susie left a comment a couple of day ago and asked if there's any tips getting rid of the 'dead mommy look'. First of all, Missy, you just gave birth! All you should be thinking about is eating well and pampering yourself! I definitely recommend you find a good massage lady that can come round to your place for mini massages 3 times a week (Jason might be able to help with foot rubs?)! That will do the trick! This is not the time for you to be thinking about how you look! So when my turn comes, please give me this same piece of advice! So easy to give advice ah but when my turn comes, oh oh!

Auntie Angie emailed me asking how to get rid of pigmentation. We can't escape it! Her situation is a little more problematic as she lives in New Zealand and the sun is alot harsher there.

However, you can get rid of it! But it might be a little costly. Dermatologists around the world can do the trick Lasering it off and I think it takes maybe 4-5 visits. It's actually a good thing to do, cause it tends to spread all over the face eventually.

And after, maintaining and preventing will only require a strong UV Protection and some dermatology recommend products. Also, don't forget your hat when you're outdoors! All the whitening products out in the markets might not be able to help you and instead might make it worse as they normally contain salicylic acid, which can do more harm than good for pigmentation. If you'd like me to book a consultation with my doc when you're back, let me know. I can fix it for you : )

I found a photo of how UV protection can prevent pigmentation from occuring.

Susie, next time you go back to K.L, get you dad (he's a dermatologist!) to do a drermabrasion for you. That always works!

Little Helper

Eye Make-Up Removers

Most cosmetics brands sell Eye-Make-up Removers, so how will we know which one suits us? From hundreds to choose from, I'm sure you'll go for your Favourite brand first? Smart thinking BUT what if your favourite brand's remover doesn't suit you?

Some Removers might be too greasy, causing little oil bumps growing around the eye area and It's very hard to get rid of. Some Removers tend to be too light, making it hard and painful to remove Waterproof Make-Up eg- Mascaras or Eyeliners.

Your Skin around the Eyes is the first tell-tale sign of ageing, Yes I know, you've read this a million times in Magazines and It's nothing you don't already know. There's all these advance Dermatology and Plastics that can help, so just deal with it when it comes and for now we can forget about caring for them. That's a good philosophy for those who aren't afraid of pain but I am!

Here are some tried and tested products I recommend. I've stuck to them for a couple of years and they have done the job really well! Everyone needs to try and test products on themselves to realise if it suits them. When irritation occurs, stop usage. Once you've found the right one, stick with it!

Helena Rubinstein
Christian Dior