Jan 16, 2014

Sephora Spring 2014

Marc Jacob's is the latest newbie in Singapore. Really fun packaging, heavy glass bottles and shiny black cases. 
Tarte is my personal favourite. Innovative, cruelty free make up.
Too Faced has a wonderful Chocolate block palette that smells so divine you want to eat it up and a bullet-proof brow kit that really is impossible to wipe off, great for those overnighters who don't want to wake up without their brows to a stranger.
Sephora has come up with a 2 prong mascara wand! Can be tricky I think. Will test it out soon!
Make Up Forever has lovely cream blushers in a million shades.
Soap & Glory's puffy eye attack is going on my eyes for testing ASAP.
And so is the Propolis serum by Pure Heals from Korea.
Boscia's foaming make up remover oil made from the Camellia flower is also a hit for me. Tried it at the event with a charcoal sponge they have produced, very nice!
And of course Percy & Reed, you are the nicest smelling haircare product in the universe.

Here's a sneak peek

Jan 15, 2014

NARS Spring 2014

NARS is the cool kid. The one that doesn't need much effort to be cool and admired. My favourite this season is the Multiple bronze stick. So nice to contour and enhance a tan.
I think the thing I like most about NARS is using my fingers to apply the products. Textures, brightness of colour pigments, shimmers, glossiness. What you see is what you get.

Jan 9, 2014

Chanel Spring 2014 Make Up

When I went to Chanel to get my stash of Spring colours, my first question was 'I wonder what the make up is going to look like with Peter Philips gone?'
Well, Chanel is Chanel. It is one of the strongest, most iconic brands in the world. Every woman wants a Chanel bag and I know there are fanatics that collect the season's make up religiously.
It definitely has the most sophisticated packaging to me.
Here's whats in store! Get ready to burn a hole in your pocket.

Dior Spring 2014 Make Up

Dior definitely took the prize for most exciting spring/ summer make up this year. And I'm having trouble using them! Everything is so pretty I don't want to ruin it.
3 products that I found very useful were the primers. One for pore minimising and mattifying, another for glow and the last for the eyes. 
Eye primers are great to use for clients that are on the go. Like brides for example. 
It holds eye make up in place and prevents smudging and smearing.

And here is the limited edition palette. So pretty!

And if you're only into blushers and not eye shadows, the Trianon Blush Edition. Also just as pretty.

Tips and Tricks. It ain't natural no more

Found these pics on Facebook. So fun. Shows you what some highlighting and shading can do to transform anyone. Great tips and tricks to learn for that hot smoking date you're going for. 

My Bioderma Crush. L.O.V.E

I have never heard of Bioderma till they generously invited me to a skincare event launch! Shameful is what I felt cause Bioderma has a super cult following of celebrities and top models. Honestly, it is really hard keeping up with the endless amounts of skincare this world has.

but I am so thankful Bioderma has introduced itself to me cause I am not living another day without it! 
The Micelle Solution, a clear bottle, filled with what looks like plain water is the most amazing cleanser! No, I'm not getting a commission from them : ) but really, this pure H20 water is amazing! It removes everything! Even some waterproof make up. 
And for us lazies, you don't need to follow with soap and water! Just some toner and your skincare routine after is enough.

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