May 31, 2007

Girl's Best Friends

My Wonderful Sponsors!

First of all, thank you so much dear Sharon for the kind words! Carl has got the hint and knows he's in for trouble after posting that comment hee. Women's rights!

Now, I really have to talk about this! One of the best perks any girl can ever ask for in her line of work. I get Sponsored! What do my Sponsors do? They give me free stuff every Season! It's for me to use for Fashion Spreads, Advertising jobs, Brides and Regular Clients. I get to try out the latest and most advanced Make-Up before it hits the shelves in the Stores! Sometimes, it's just too many things and sweet Caroline (Carl's secretary) got me a mini fridge last Christmas to store all the wonderful goodies!

I've given up using a hand carry Make-Up box and instead roll a suitcase around like an Air Stewardess! Cab drivers get so upset when they find out after that i'm not going to the airport : ). Oh i love the look on their faces!

Yes, it's a wonderful perk and in return i do a great Editorial/ Fashion spread using their wonderful Make-Up and credit them at the end of each story after my Name.
Thank you all my lovely sponsors! I'm so grateful for all this kind generosity!

My lovely sponsors:


May 30, 2007

Oh that Evil Gadget!

Oh Darling Eyelash Curler!
Oh how we Adore you!

Anyone who gets to know this little Devil will be delighted with it's talent! I promise that you will get the hang of it after some training, so please don't give up.

There are however some very lucky few who really don't need him! It's so ridiculous! Imagine naturally long, Full, Curled Lashes, like some Exotic Flamenco dancer, ooh it makes me so jealous!

But for the rest of us Plebs, here's some tips!

Choosing an Eyelash Curler to suit you can be tricky. Some of us have very Flat Eyelids whilst other could have a very Curved Lid. With Curved Lids, Curlers can't get to the corners so your Lashes end up some Curled and others not, messy!
And the poor flat Lids tend to get clipped most of the time!

My recommendations are:

Flat Lids- Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Normal Lids- Anna Sui Eyelsh Curler
Curvy Lids- Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Now what i'm going to tell you is priceless! There actually is a trick to Curling your Lashes! This is a 3 step procedure, guaranteed to make your lashes stay Curled all day long!

1. Place your Curler to the Root of your Lashes, as close as you can get without clipping yourself and gently squeeze a few times
2. Release squeeze and place Curler in the middle of your Lash Length and gently squeeze a few times
3. Release squeeze and place curler near the tip of Lash and gently squeeze

Repeat this procedure a few times and look into the mirror with your face angled 3 quarters. You will see that your Lashes have a natural Curl to it and that it's not sticking up straight towards the sky. Once you've achieved that natural curve, you've GOT TO use a Waterproof Mascara to set the curl!

Remember that non Waterproof Mascaras tend to be heavier in weight so your curl will never stay! And please don't ever put Mascara before Curling as it'll most likely rip your lashes out!

A Real Eye Opener Part 2

Oh you guys are so great! I love all your comments and it keeps me going with my blog! Auntie Margeret sent me a comment stating that even Waterproof Mascaras smudge for those who have oily Eyelids, TRUE! It sucks. Alot of us Asians also tend to have heavy under bags, so all you happy people who love laughing tend to have smudges after a great conversation : ).

My questions are:
Do you apply some powder on your eyelids before applying mascara?
Do you curl your Lashes before Application?
Curling your Lashes before application definitely helps and of course doing touch ups now and then with some Oil Blotters.

I know that the Japanese brands of Mascara tend to be alot tougher. Kose has a Waterproof Mascara also in a screw like wand with no bristles that stays on forever! The kind that if you don't wash it off it'll just continue being there for days! I'm not sure if it's been discontinued but i will try to find out more Information.

Auntie Margeret also recommended Clinique's Lash Power Mascara - Apparently it's removable with warm water (39deg)! If any of you out there that is using or have used this product and swear by it, I would love to hear your comments!

I've been searching the Inernet for it but only came across Clinique's gentle Waterproof Mascara. Is this the same one?

A Real Eye Opener


They are god sent i swear! Make-Up will not be complete without it, Eye Shadows would never come alive without it! AND it's the easiest Make-Up trick in my book to Bright Sparkling Eyes!

Waterproof or non Waterproof? I am the biggest fan of Waterproof Mascaras! I detest any unnecessary smudging where I have no control over. Sure, it's cheaper and easier to remove Non Waterproof but who wants to be cheap when it comes to Beauty?

Spend top dollar for a real good Eye Make-Up Remover! The better the Remover, the easier it comes off. I'll recommend some in my next Post, Let's get back to the little Gems.

These Mascaras are what's in my personal Make-up case. I Love Helena Rubinstein and Dior, I've just discovered Anna Sui! All of Anna Sui's Cosmetics smell of roses! It's such a nice touch she added, really really Girlie and it makes my imagination float into some Victorian Parlour. Her Waterproof Mascaras also kick ass and really never let me down or embarrass me in Public!

Then there's the DiorShow Waterproof Mascara with it's Huge Brush that just makes my Lashes feel so Lush! I Love the brown for day use, so Natural and so Full! This I highly recommend Caucasian Lashes or anyone with Long Lashes. This is instant wake-up to a Sparkling You : ).

And finally, THE Mascara i recommend Beginners, Short Lashed or anyone who loves a little piece of history. This special little thing has no bristles! Just a screw like wand with tiny fiber particles to lenghten so no intimidation from brushes that you feel or think might go into your eye while you're applying!

Mascara as we know it was invented in 1913. The word mascara comes from the Italian word “Maschera” and means to “Mask”. T.L. Williams, a Chemist, invented the product for his sister Mabel. He sold and shipped the Mascara by Mail. He later set up a cosmetic company named Maybelline. The name is derived from his sister’s name and the word Vaseline.

In 1957, Helena Rubenstein, cosmetic giant, began distribution of mascara in the modern tube with the brush applicator and Long Lash was the first. 50 years old! And it still does it's magic even in today's advanced society!

The Magical Brush Cleaner

There's so many things to learn about brushes. Every brush has a trick up their sleeve! That's why i carry around 70 odd brushes with me everytime i work. Let's talk about cleaning and maintenance again. And in the next few days, i'll keep coming back to this topic so i can introduce to you every individual brush and what it does. This is going to help you save money on unnecessary items!

Please remember to Wash all your brushes as often as you can to prevent break outs from bacteria growing in them! For lazy ones, here's a product that can help

This is one of my favourites! It's called Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner. I found it on the shelves of Ricky's while i was in NYC a couple of years ago. Don't worry, you can get it online and delivered.

It has a mild Citrus smell and cleans all Make-Up, Disinfects and Condition the Brush too. Just spray it on the Brush and wipe clean with a Tissue or Paper Towel. The best part of it is the Make-Up Brush is completely dry after you are done! How perfect is that?, especially when you don't have the time or patience to wait for your Brushes to dry.

BUT! I still highly recommend washing your Brushes every now snd then and to use the brush cleaner inbetween.

May 29, 2007

Getting back to Beauty!

Lip Glosses
The Perfect Trick!

Lip Glosses tend to smear and smudge after some time, I haven't come across a Gloss that had more than 1-2 hrs staying power. There are different types and textures of Glosses, the stickier ones (M.A.C Lip Glass, Lancome's Juicy Tubes) do have better staying power but can be quite uncomfortable to apply for too long (8hrs or more) a Period, they are actually better for Evening use.
Then there's the Water Based Glosses (Dior, Shu Uemura and Chanel have nice ones) . They usually come in Lipstick form and these have little staying power but feel more comfortable on Lips.

So here's the trick:
Do touch ups frequently OR here's another great way to get nice plump glossy healthy (in the pink of health kind) Lips!

Benefit has a product called Benetint and what it does is it stains your Lips a Rose Color! It's like Liquid Ink that just sets into your Lips after application (dabbing with your fingertips) and doesn't come off, so it's a guarantee stay proof Tint!
And after, i just use Vaseline over it and it feels extremely comfortable!
No Smudges or Smears!
The same product can even be used on your cheeks for a Winter Sunkissed Look.

I've heard that how this Product came about was because the Founders of Benefit had friends that were Cabaret Dancers and were looking for a Make-Up Product they could use to Enhance their Nipples to a Pleasant Shade of Pink! How fantastic is that?!

Benefit's Very First Store is opening beginning June in Singapore! And it's going to be in C.K.Tang. How convenient!

Mexican Chicken Soup

This has to be my all time favourite dish.  Food for the soul, for the kids, for the whole family. 
 I came across this recipe in Real Simple Magazine years ago, and it has been a staple in our diet over the years. 1 whole chicken feeds the family, and I love how it incorporates coriander. 
The aromas of that fine herb just brings out the lime and flavours of the soup.

Mom taught me to always rinse the chicken in boiling hot water before placing it in pot. I've also tried chicken bits like ready cut pieces but the whole chicken somehow tastes better and the soup stays 'cleaner'. 
The Supermarkets sell free range, vacuum packed chickens. They taste better. 

Mexican Chicken Soup
By Real Simple Magazine

2 whole chickens (3 1/2 pounds each)
4 carrots, halved crosswise
1 large yellow onion, halved
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 1/2 cups long-grain white rice
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
2 avocados
1/2 cup fresh cilantro (corriander) leaves
3 limes, halved

Rinse the chickens and pat dry with paper towels.

Place the chickens, carrots, onion, and salt in a 12-quart pot. Add enough cold water (about 16 cups) to cover. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer gently, uncovered, for 1 hour. Skim off any foam that appears. Transfer the chickens to plates; let cool. Remove and discard the carrots and onion. Add the rice to the broth and simmer for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, shred the chicken meat, discarding the skin and bones. Add the meat and pepper to the broth and heat for 3 minutes. Scoop the avocados into individual bowls and ladle the soup over the top. Sprinkle with the cilantro and squeeze on the limes.

Recommended: 12-quart pot

To Freeze: Omit the avocados, cilantro, and limes. Let the soup cool, then ladle into large resealable bags, filling each one halfway. Store for up to 3 months.

To Reheat: Thaw overnight in the refrigerator or thaw partially in the microwave. Warm in a covered saucepan over medium-low heat for 20 minutes. Scoop the avocado into bowls, ladle in the soup, and garnish with the cilantro. Serve with the lime wedges on the side.

Yield: Makes 6 to 8 servings

CALORIES 445(26% from fat); FAT 13g (sat 3g); SUGAR 4g; PROTEIN 42g; CHOLESTEROL 121mg; SODIUM 1,033mg; FIBER 6g; CARBOHYDRATE 39g

May 28, 2007

Let's start with the Basics


Making an investment in high quality tools is essential. It's actually more cost friendly buying an expensive brush to last you the years then to buy a lousey one that would probably last you maybe up to 6 months, depending how you use and abuse them. I have approximately 70 brushes that i have on hand everytime i work. Most of them have lasted on average 6 years! And they're still going strong with care!

I have to stress that it's very very important to care for your brushes and to please keep them clean! Brushes harbor alot of dirt and bacteria, which causes breakouts and cause your make-up to go onto your skin clumpy. Badly blended make-up is obvious! And it looks nasty!

Ideally, you should wash any brush that you use for liquid make-up (including concealer, foundation, lip products, cream shadows, and so on) every other day (or every week if you're lazy!). For brushes you use on powder, you can clean them every two weeks.

I love washing my brushes with pantene shampoo for dry and brittle hair! Ooh the texture it leaves the bristles and how smootly it glides on your face! If you're a little more hardworking, i'd suggest using shampoo then conditioner. Just the regular stuff you use for your own hair. But don't fret lazy ones! There's actually brush cleaner products ( has my favourite one!) you can get that you only have to spray on and wipe the brush with a tissue and all the make-up will come straight off! But please! That doesn't mean you can go without washing your brushes forever! Pamper your brushes and they will pamper you back!

For tips on cleaning your brushes:

1. Gently run your make-up brushes under lukewarm water. Swish them around in the sink until the water runs clear. Hold the brush under the water with the handle pointing up so that you don't irreparably damage the brush.

2. Add a small amount of shampoo to the palm of your hard and swish your brush around in your hand and then under the water.

3. Rinse your hand and the brush thoroughly, then wring out the water from the brush's tip. To retain the shape of the brush hair, gently squeeze to remove all traces of soap and water and place them so they can dry flat on a clean dry towel to dry.

Tips and Tricks

I get asked all the time to lend some tips and tricks from editors, friends and clients. The aim of my blog is being able to put my thoughts and tips down every time one springs to mind. Make-up is really fun and girlie, we all love playing with it. But sometimes it can be intimidating! For example a waterproof liquid eyeliner! Or a metal pinching Eyelash Curler! Yes, beauty comes with pain. No pain no gain but please! there’s many different levels of pain, so stop being so silly!
I hope with this blog i will be able to share my trade with you. To guide you with little beauty anxieties and to prevent you from hurting yourselves!

Powderfuu News

First post

Beginnings and endings are hardest. You'd think that beginnings are no sweat but to get to the beginning, there had to be an ending somewhere. And to be at the ending, there will always be a beginning around the corner.
Enough of dramatic talk.
I am a make-up artist! i love make-up, making people beautiful, making people happy. Just like any other girl, i love shoes, handbags, clothes. my eyes light up when i see a stunning handbag or a sexy pair of shoes, so foolishly easy to make me happy (and i dare say half the female population too!) but this is me.
Recently, i have discovered a new love. And it's priceless! Cause when i'm with my new love, i forget the shoes, the bags, the clothes, i swear! after 33 years of living, i've finally discovered the forest. Of course i have to thank my husband (Carl) for this beautiful discovery. He came from the forest! Lived and played and had wonderful adventures in it! Listening to his stories about his childhood is like reading a fairy tale story and all i feel is awe and a little bit of jealousy. I have just found my eden on this earth and it fills me with warmth and great comfort knowing that.
I was strongly influenced by a sweet young woman named Tilda to start this blog (and also Carl who pushes and nudges me time and again to do something!). One day i googled my name to search for my listings and came across a swedish blog! My name on a swedish blog! I was blown away! Of course Carl had to do the translating for me (I have to learn the language fast!), and it was sweet Tilda who wrote an article on me. That article brought me to tears! She talked about how she met this wonderful make-up artist from Singapore who was so nice and warm, i know, i'm blowing my own horn but i can't help it! It was one of the nicest things someone has done for me and it's touched my heart : ). Thank you dear Tilda!
So here is my beginning