Jun 27, 2007

The Washingtonienne

Oh God! I couldn't put this book down! It was so skanky and fun to read! A definite girlie trashy book, the kind of book we LOVE to read!

Jessica Cutler was a typical messy 20something year old who got herself into trouble by starting a blog for her girlfriends in Washington just so she could update them with her scandals and adventures. Who she was shagging last night or how much she got paid during a lunch romp, all the dirty details! She lasted undercover for sometime till one of her girlfriends decided for her to publicize her blog so she could start making some money! But obviously it all got out of hand! All new mommies that need some drama, please go and buy this book for a funny, entertaining read ; )
Her blog is still online reposted by some geek. She deleted her blog the very day she got busted but it was too late.

I read it in one afternoon!


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