Mar 30, 2010

The Elixir

I've managed to get rid of my yucky dandruff and kept it off! I wrote in my earlier blog, 'That yucky thing called dandruff' about Phyto's amazing Dandruff shampoo that got rid of that dirty problem of mine.
Well, during my last trip to my favourite Sephora!, I discovered they're carrying Phyto's wide wide range of hair products and bought myself the Phyto Phytopolleine Universal Elixir.
This forest smelling scalp treatment stimulates and purifies with essential oils and is 100% botanical. I've used it every 2 days to sleep, massaging gently into my scalp and waking up in the mornings to wash as usual and I have a squeaky clean nice smelling scalp! No more embarrassments yippee!

My Favourite Hair Brand

My favourite hair product in the world Fekkai has come out with home D.I.Y colour! I'm such a sucker for packaging as well, but if it's Fekkai then it can't go wrong : P
I can't wait to try this on myself!

I Like I Like I Like!

Beautiful simple packaging! Pantone's Make-up Collection is a drooler! So yummy! Now I have to find where to buy them!

Dior Fanatics Listen Up!

Here's a collector's item! Dior always has these objects of temptation! This lippy comes in a shimmering facade engraved with the famour Dior logo and address of the Couture House in Paris.
The 'Addicted to Dior' collector's item can also clip onto your Summer 'it' bag!
What's not to like? You get a chic bag tag and lippy in one! I like the Coral and Gold one! Perfect colours for Summer in the sun!
Retails for S$85.00. Now that will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket for such a luxurious item!

Dior's Exciting Summer 2010 Pick

Remember Lip Glow? The gloss I was raving about in my earlier blogs... well, Dior has come up with Nude Glow! It does exactly the same thing as the Lip Glow, bringing out the pink in lips but this time they're bringing out the pink in skin!

It adorns the face with a beautiful perfectly even luminous effect and gives that famed 'glow' effect! I gave it a try yesterday on one of my lovely regular clients and ta dah! It has successfully proven a definite must-have in your make-up drawer!

My client had such beautiful skin it reminds me of that 'glow' you have when you're in love!
Its also a universal shade that will flatter any skin tone : ).

Mar 26, 2010


Diane Kruger looks so chic on the cover of German Vogue! I love that Fendi hairdo on her. Those cheekbones of hers are to die for!

Mar 25, 2010

I love my Fred Farrugia!

Everything I need! Throw out the dirty make up pouch in ur handbag and go get Fred Farrugia's stackable 'everything u need in your handbag' cosmetics!
I got myself the concealer, cream blush, eyeshadow and lipstick palettes n I'm a happy happy camper!

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Mar 22, 2010

Oh! New Product Alert!!

I Just read on Karen's that Benefit Cosmetics has teamed up with Tweezerman and come up with really cute cute Tweezers, Eyebrow styler and Eyelash curler. But I'm salivating over the Tweezers!!!
You know, I have a Tweezerman Tweezer that's about 15 years old and all the paint has long flaked off, it really looks pretty embarrassing, but I just love my Tweezerman! The longer I use them, the sharper it becomes...hmm... sharp but not harmful. There are some tweezers that are so sharp, you actually accidentally poke yourself while at it!
So, maybe its time for me to change and upgrade my tweezers...? These look good to use!

Mar 18, 2010


A supermodel is a supermodel...sigh..! How can popping 4 kids not do anything to a body???

Did You Know...

That facial sponges can help prevent breakouts! Yes! Its true! I've been diligently washing my face with these sponges the past 3 weeks and haven't had a single breakout since!
I mean, they're so cheap! Like $3.50 or something like that for 2! All those scrubs that I've been using or deep cleansing washes are all useless without the sponge. And nothing, really, can get  all the dirt and make-up off your face for good. Imagine all the gunk stuck on all that invisible facial hair of yours, aha! That is definitely the culprit!
If you have problem skin like me, go try some facial sponges and see how it works for you!

Mar 17, 2010

Beautiful Braids

Saw these pics on Paris Vogue n thought they were beautiful!

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Mar 16, 2010

Anthropology Closing Down Treasure Find

The shop Anthropology, whcih sells all kinds of knick-knacks is finally closing down all their branches- for good : (. Sad. Apparently they did really badly all of last year, and really, how in the blazing world can you really make money here through a shop...the landlords will kill you first! Rent here is so ridiculous I woldn't even entertain any opening store kind of notion!
Anyway, I was down at the Anthropology store in Holland Village and came across these LA Tweez tweezers. They were going for $6.00 (dirt cheap!!!) so I bought one to give it a go. They're so much fun!! I can tweeze my eyebrows while my husband sleeps! I really doubted it at first, being a tweezerman fan for years and years but these LA Tweez ones were good! Sharp and tight enough to pull! Velly good la!
They're opened till the end of the month so go shopping!

A Vending Machine!

Sephora has apparently sprout up these fantabulous beauty products vending machine all over the United States of America airports! I think its fun! to test out the products first? Or is it meant only for people who've tried and tested and are sure of their purchase?
I can't wait to bump into one of these! Coming to Singapore anytime soon?

The Woman Behind The Marie Claire US Style

I love Nina Garcia! If not for Project Runway, I wouldn'd really have known who this wonderful woman is. After watching her on telly, I bumped into her books at the bookstore one day and discovered that she has cleverly used her fame to come out with style books. I bought one of them, the golden book called the Style Strategy.
The book was ok to me, but if I wasn't working in the fashion industry and was clueless, this would definitely be a godsend! I think it's a great book for the early 20 something to own...a little guide book..
But! The reason why I love this woman is because she makes me love Marie Claire US so very much!
She just understands us and gets us! Everything I see in the mag I like or I want! Its like she takes all these elements, grunge, rock chick, hip hop, etc.. and makes it feminine! Its simple uncomplicated and yet beautiful!
A beautiful woman with lots of brains! You go girl Missy Nina!

Estee Lauder's Creative Make-Up Director

Mr Tom Pecheux led Estee Lauder Cosmetics into its first fashionweek debut this year backstage at Derek Lam. Another success story of a really talented and creative Make-up artist, I always respected Mr Pecheux for his blending skills. I mean, really, no one can blend as well as this guy does!
Looks like getting hitched to a big global beauty company is the way to go!

Sejaa Natural Skincare

Gisele Bundchen has given birth to a new line of products! All natural Sejaa Skincare looks like a treat. A 100% natural line from the manufacturing process (windpower) down to the soy-based VOC-free inks used on the packaging! Wow! Pretty impressive.
The three-product line, which is sold solely on the brand's website, consists of a Day Cream, Night Cream ($70), and Mud Mask ($56). It also features a Pure Skincare Kit ($120), which includes a two-ounce jar of each product, a spa towel, and a mud applicator.
A definite drooler!

The Woman Behind Shu Uemura

Beautiful Gina Brooke! She's been Madonna's Make-Up artist since 2002 and Shu Uemura's Artistic Director since 2005. I personally think that's pretty darn successful! Take a look at her website, she's done so many shoots that I remember seeing and thinking how good they were.
And with so many David Beckham pics...could she be his personal Make-up artist too?

Mar 15, 2010

Pat McGrath's All About Brows Now

Forget the bleached Eyebrows look, this Fall's 2010 beauty trend are all about brows! Thanks to Make-Up genius Miss Pat's creations for Prada and Balenciaga, eyebrows are making a comeback!

Urban Decay for Alice In Wonderland

SO fun! I love that Urban Decay came out with a palette of colors inspired by our childhood favourite book of all time, Alice in Wonderland!
Someone once commented the author must've been tripping on an acid tab to have come up with a story like this...! But, did they have acid back in 1865??? The Alice in Wonderland novel was written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. It tells the story of a girl named Alice, who fell down a rabbit's hole one day and comes across another world filled with peculiar creatures.
I can't wait to catch the movie in 3-D and let it bring out all my childhood fantasies into reality : )

But back to beauty! Urban Decay came out with a 16 color eyeshadow palette that you can let your imagination run wild with and create anything you want with it! They've added their star product, the Eyeshadow Primer Potion (which you don't have to apply loose powder to set! pretty good!) and 2 travel size 24/7 eye pencils as well.
Bring your mind set to when you were 10 and had a palette like this in your hands, oh my! I would invite all my bestest girlfriends for a tea-party and beautifying session!
This Book of Shadows palette sells exclusively at Sephora for SGD$88.00

I Miss U Lush!

Its always been a love-hate relationship with you. I love love love your products but I could never spend more than 5 minutes in your store before getting a headache from all that sweet smelling products of yours!
Lush was shortlived in Singapore, barely 2 years maybe...that's all it lasted. Sad! But I suppose Singaporeans don't really enjoy the bath concept. Probably cause its too warm in this silly country! A quick cold shower is the best way to go about it here, quick and refreshing cool down.
So everytime I travel, I make it a point to Lush myself! The bath balls are my all time favourite and I love how the bathroom smells after, so LUSH!
I'm craving a Lush bath bomb!

M.A.C + Liberty London


Very pretty florals and birds decorate another successful M.A.C collaboration! This time with Liberty of London, the cosmetic cases are covered with all pretty things that any girl couldn't resist! But really, that nali color looks really exciting and its' not always about the packaging (is it?)!
I have yet to try and test them out and will update further  : )

I read a good article on M.A.C:
In addition to its impressive permanent stock of lipsticks and eye shadows in a range of fashion-forward colors—not to mention what is quite possibly the widest selection of complexion-perfecting foundations, powders, concealers, and primers on the market today—MAC Cosmetics has become a force to be reckoned with in the limited-edition collaboration department as well. - Very true and totally agreed!

Look Out!

Think your skin is so annoyingly sensitive just cause its so? Think again! There are so many harmful ingredients in skin care and make-up that we really have no idea about!
Take a look at these ingredients and then go through your beauty cabinet and see how many of your products do not have any one of these on their labels?...None!

PHTHALATES: A plasticizing ingredient commonly listed as DBP or di-n-butyl phthalate, it is used most often in the beauty world to give nail polishes increased pliability. Considered to be a potential carcinogen and possible cause of birth defects, allergic rashes and eczema, they are already banned in Europe. When shopping for lacquers, look for phthalate-free formulas. Neither Zoya nor Spa Ritual has ever used the ingredient in its lines, while Essie, OPI, and Sally Hansen altered their formulations in recent years to get rid of it.

SHEA BUTTER: It may seem completely harmless, but anyone with a nut allergy could find themselves with a heightened sensitivity to it. "I have seen reactions among those with nut allergies to both shea and cocoa butter," says Dr. Ellen Marmur, author of the new book Simple Skin Beauty. "Even organic or natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions."

TRICLOSAN: Flu season and the ongoing swine flu epidemic have made hand-washing a frequent ritual, and in some cases, it's the soap that causes the itchy rashes creeping up on palms and fingertips. If your hands are inflamed, steer clear of any soaps or sanitizers with this antibacterial agent.

BALSAM OF PERU: Fragrance is the number-one cause of allergic contact dermatitis, and Balsam of Peru, a resin that is actually a conglomeration of scents, is often responsible. Because of its phototoxic ingredients, when the skin is exposed to sunlight, brown or reddish streaks called berloque dermatitis may occur wherever the scented product or perfume was applied—dermatologists report many incidents of berloque behind the ears. The key is to look for products that are totally fragrance-free — which is not the same as unscented. "Unscented means that a product can contain a masking fragrance to camouflage its pungent, unpleasant odor," says Bank. "Fragrance-free means truly no fragrances."

FORMALDEHYDE: While most beauty products won't include this ultra-common makeup, skin, and haircare preservative on the ingredient list, many will have a formaldehyde-releasing agent like imidazolidinyl urea or quaternium 15, which can be equally reactive. Therefore, those who experience an allergy or irritation to formaldehyde actually have a list of names to be on the lookout for. Nowadays, two of the most frequent places where contact may occur are the nail and hair salon. "The most common cause of eyelid dermatitis is the formaldehyde in nail polish," says dermatologist Dr. Marsha Gordon. "After you polish your nails, there is a day or two when the finish is not rock hard, and that's when formaldehyde may be released. Your hands may not show redness because that skin is tough, but when you touch your eyes while washing or moisturizing, you can end up with dermatitis there."

PARABENS: They are the darlings of preservatives among mass manufacturers since they're cheap and stable. It can be downright difficult to find products that don't contain parabens like methyl, propyl, and benzyl hydroxybenzoate. Those who experience redness or a rash can avoid them entirely by seeking out lines such as Aubrey Organics, Burt's Bees, Dr. Hauschka, and Weleda, whose formulations are all paraben-free.

ACIDS: While the majority of acids — azelaic, alpha hydroxy, benzoic, lactic, sorbic — are tolerable in modest doses, cinnamic can pose a problem. A tartar-fighting agent in toothpaste, it can be the reason for itchy eruptions on the lips and around the mouth. Look for toothpaste without cinnamic acid (like Tom's of Maine), or if you're attached to a brand that has it, dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross recommends applying Vaseline around the mouth and chin before brushing to form a barrier.

PPD: Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is found in most permanent hair dyes. Those who are allergic will likely develop a rash not on the scalp but around the hairline on the forehead and neck and behind the ears. According to Gross, allergy to PPD seems to increase with age. Avoid contact by requesting PPD-free dyes or opting for henna and color rinses that don't contain the irritant.

RETINOIDS: Most dermatologists will concur that despite a laundry list of antiaging and acne-fighting benefits, retinoids are also a classic irritant. "They make your skin more sensitive to the sun in the summer and more prone to dryness in the winter," says Gross. "What really matters is the net concentration that you apply to your skin. Using something weaker more often is better than something stronger that can only be tolerated a few times per week." Marmur also has a little retinoid magic trick: "If you want your antiaging without the red, raw skin, put on your retinoids for 15 minutes at night, then wash it off with a mild cleanser. I call it 'short-contact antiaging.'"

Creative Venetias Around the World

Venetia Burney- 11 July 1918 – 30 April 2009

Ok She's not 'creative', but then again I haven't really read her life story... This Venetia, however, was lucky enough to have named a planet! She suggested the name Pluto for the object discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. She was 11 years old.
On 14 March 1930, Falconer Madan read the story of the new planet's discovery and mentioned it to his granddaughter Venetia. She suggested the namePluto (the Roman God of the Underworld who was able to make himself invisible).
Falconer Madan forwarded the suggestion to astronomer Tombaugh who liked the proposal because it started with the initials of Percival Lowell, who had predicted the existence of Pluto.
On 1 May 1930, the name Pluto was formally adopted for this new celestial body.

Mar 13, 2010

Creative Venetias Around the World

I got bored and started googling my name and found Venetia Scott! She's a photographer and Stylist and does really nice pictures! I'm not just saying it cause we share the same name... but really! She is good! She shot Kate moss for Dazed and Confused!!! So she must definitely be fantastic!

Prescriptives and Max Factor R.I.P

So the beauty industry is afterall, not recession -proof! I just read (yes, i know I'm abit slow) That Max Factor and Prescriptives succumbed to the US recession with Prescriptives shutting down completely! Max Factor apparently can still be bought in stores outside of the States. I don't recall seeing Max Factor here in Singapore...but I remember them to have wonderful affordable Mascaras back in those days.

And dear dear Prescriptives! I think they were like the first few brands that ever sponsored me. So sad : (. A definite sadness in my heart to hear that you're forever gone. You guys were the first to come up with this loose powder that felt like liquid...what was it called..Yes! The magic liquid powder! That was probably in the late 90's!
Last chance to get your hands on this about to be extinct brand! and are selling all stock until it all clears out! Hurry! I'm going to order my magic liquid powder just for sentimental sake!

Mar 12, 2010

Mr Peter Philips Again!

I've been reading up on Mr Peter Philips (Chanel's Creative Make-Up Director) lately and found his life and creativity really interesting!
Philips, had an artist for a biological dad and a business-owner stepfather. He decided on a relatively traditional course of studies at first and got a degree in graphic design in Brussels. But soon after graduating, he headed back home to attend the Antwerp Academy, where he became swept up in the fashion revolution.
Chanel's Jade Le Vernis nail lacquer, (I blogged about it few months back) was such a hit but it wasn't the only success story for this true living beauty genius!
This Belgian-born face painter hadn't pick up a makeup brush until he was 27!!! when he attended the Paris shows as a dresser and caught the beauty bug. Philips was then a self-confessed fashion victim and saw something in makeup that was intricately linked to fashion but didn't require having to make a collection. People took notice of him when he did a shoot for Raf Simons. He drew a Mickey Mouse face onto a model and the fashion people quickly took notice of this face painter.
One day Karl Lagerfeld met him on a Fendi shoot and soon enough Chanel's former creative directors Heidi Morawetz and Dominique Moncourtois—the latter of whom was the last employee to have been handpicked by Mlle Chanel herself—invited him to their atelier and asked him how he'd feel about taking over. What a dream!
Take, for instance, the temporary tattoos that he and Lagerfeld dreamed up for Spring 2010. The two-dimensional strings of pearls and baubles, which were devised by Philips, go on sale this month and there are already 3,589 names on the wait list in the States!
This guy has creativity seeping out through his pores and all the success that is his now is definitely well deserved!

Miss Tilda Swinton

Look at Tilda Swinton! She is so stunning with that androgynous look and her hair do just makes her so stylish! I like!!

Mar 8, 2010

Dior's Poudrier Dentelle

This was one of the really pretty products given to me that I really couldn't bear to use! I had an aunt come to visit one day and I decided to let her have it and kind of forgot all about it till she gave me some really informative feedback recently.

This Dior 2010 Spring Poudrier Dentelle, the star porduct is an illuminating powder. I never thoguht to try it on myself due to my oily face, any more illuminating and I could fry an egg!
My Aunt Audrey, so smart of her, used this under her mattifying M.A.C face powder and swears that it creates this porcelain effect!
What a fabulous product it is! Now I have to go out and buy one!

Mar 6, 2010

Goodbye Nicole

I'm sure you all know or have seen or heard of model Nicole, also knowned as Daul Kim. I did this shoot years ago with her when she was just 16. We went to shanghai together. With photographer Geoff Ang, stylist Johnny Khoo, hairstylist Dexter Ng n I did make-up.
Nicole (that's the name I knew her as) was soo young n I didn't have much to say to her so we all kind of did our jobs and kind of did our own thing...
Only when I learnt that she passed away by taking her own life did I become interested in her life... Very sad. I managed to read her blog- iliketoforkmyself. before they privatized it n read all her entries that I realized how intelligent, complicated and interesting this little girl was.
She was fantastic with poetry. She was stylish, she was really good with her music choices too. Very mature for her age and definitely had alot of substance.
It's been months now since she died and I always wanted to write something about how kind of bad I feel not not having given her the time of day.
This was a special being that was so disturbed by herself that even though she was on her way to becomning Karl Lagerfeld's new muse, she couldn't give a damn n took her life anyway.
Rest in peace dear Nicole... I hope your parents will find it in their hearts to forgive u so that they will one day smile again.

I can only imagine what they are going through having lost a child.

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Mar 5, 2010

That yucky thing called Dandruff!

I've been having this really annoying itchy scalp and dandruff lately and was found out by Cleo's beauty Editor Miss Cynthia Chew! Eeps! So embarrassing!! So she recommended me to this Phyto Hair Spa at Wheelock place to get it sorted out. I, however remembered using this brand a long time ago when it was sold exclusively to salons and called Phytologie.
It was really really good and decided to just go to the Pharmacy (it sells in all major pharmacies now) and get some products for help.
I checked out the website for the spa and it was going to cost $108.00, which really, isn't too bad for a treatment.
But that was going to be my last resort, cause really these spas and facial places are always trying to sell you packages and products! The products I don't mind, cause I will definitely use, but I really don't like the idea of packages! They cost a bomb and then get forgotten and not used or expired...the list goes on! And then I end up having to waste all this energy trying to fend them off!

Anyway, back to the shampoo, ONE WASH was all it took la! I first applied the shampoo onto my scalp and left it on for half an hour and then lathered and washed off.
This is so good for hair! All natural botanical ingredients and none of that shit perfumes and wax, my scalp is squeaky clean once again! And I don't have to go through anymore embarrassments, phew!

But if you are one of those who love packages and have dandruff or thinning hair, maybe you should check out the Phyto spa!
Go to:

I just read this article on BellaSugar and it says the temperature of your water can be the cause of your itchy scalp and Dandruff!

It says: hot water takes moisture out of the skin, stripping the hair and skin of natural oils. Couple this with frequent shampooing, possibly harsh ingredients, and dry air, and you'd be scratching your noggin, too!

So try cooling it and see if that works first!

Mar 4, 2010

Getting it right!


Beauty Tips and Tricks:
Sexy Eye Shadow

Achieving that Smokey, Smoldering look (like my ICON Magazine spread I did awhile back featured above) depends on the right tools you choose to use.  The shape and size of your brush can help tremendously with Blending and Contouring (Shu Uemura’s Eye Shadow brush no.14 is a personal favorite of mine!). It cuts my blending time in half and helps create a nice soft shadow on the Eyelid, also bringing out the contours of eyes. Always brush your Eye Shadow from the outside inward towards your nose bridge; this will help lift the eyes. Doing so in the other direction might cause eyes to look droopy and sad.

After applying the Eye Shadow all over your eyelid, take a sponge tip applicator and apply a darker shade of color close and above your lash line  (a little on your lower lash doesn't hurt too). This effect will also make your lashes look fuller and help ‘open’ up your eyes.  Shu Uemura’s brushes are one of my personal favourites. Some of my brushes are 15 years old and it’s still in tip top condition and working its wonders! 

And not forgetting the most important, Eyeliner and Mascara! Without these 2, Eyeshadow will be dull and lack-lustre. ONLY use waterproof! Its a pain getting it off but would you rather smudge like a grunge rock chick or put in a few extra dollars for that good old reliable remover? 
Try Benefit's BadGal Waterproof Eyeliner! I Like!