Jun 18, 2007

Foundation Faker

Some Kind-a Gorgeous

'For the girl on the go who wants record- breaking gorgeous skin without the fuss of Foundation'

This oil-free, cream to powder 'invisible Foundation' is so translucent it blends into any skin tone! Ideal for those who hate the feeling of Foundation or anything other than Moisturiser on their Face. This evens out your skin tone for complexion perfection but hardly conceals blemishes or dark eye circles (I recommend a little concealer on top of this product for spots that need coverage). Tried and Tested in Singapore and in Sweden and it works for both climates! Use it on it's own for the drier climates and with some loose powder for humid climates.

What a great package it comes in too!


Anonymous said...

when is benefit coming again? aunty aud

Anonymous said...

cant wait for benefit to hit town! been going thru their website and i'm interested in lots of stuff...hope it's affordable! aunty aud