Feb 26, 2010

Chanel's Summer Is On Its Way!

Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup Announces a Carefree and Happy Summer!

Nouvelle Vague Hello!!! This turquoise Nail Polish is SET to sell like hotcakes!! Jade, you can now step aside! So heartbreaking that I never got to try you but Chanel's Summer 2010 Nail Colors are so yummylicious I'm satisfied! Riviera is so Pop! I Likey

As for Makeup Colors, it seems like its all about being tanned and natural and being adventurous with lips! Peter Philips is trying his best to get you girls to convert to lipstick users! I'm a new convert and now I do love wearing lipstick (but usually on special occassions or evenings out, still trying to get used to the idea of day lipstick!).
A beautiful bronzer gives cheeks a golden glow. So I guess you just need to go out and get those sunnies and you're set for Summer!
The SUMMER collection will be available at all CHANEL beauty counters from end April.

Feb 25, 2010

Cream to Powder Foundation

My latest crush! Oh I cannot express how much I'm in love with this Urban Decay Cream to Powder Foundation! When Miss Gelainza from Sephora was introducing the brand to me, she kept going on and on about this product and gave me one to go home to try. And, my dear dear Gelainza, this product is da bomb!!!! 
I love it love it love it!!!! ANd I recommend EVERYONE to please go and get one for yourself! Its so easy on the face, really silky and I can't feel like I've got foundation on! The best thing? It's NOT OILY yippee yay yay : P
Oh and it does the job of even-ing out skin tone!

It's Amazing!

Just landed in my hands! And coming soon to a Sephora near you!
The Amazing Cosmetics collection! The brand name is just hilarious cause when I tried the concealer, the first word I said was 'amazing'! I can't wait to try out the other products! And btw!, if Allure Magazine votes this product with their beauty award, they're serious its good!
All it takes is a tiny dab of this product to take away eye bags. The texture is creamy and wet and this helps with blending and getting it into creases like around the nose area.
Say "Au revoir" to dark circles, blemishes, sun damage, broken capillaries, redness and more!

Read more about it at:

Kelly Chen wears Chanel Tattoos!

Look at this! Beautiful Kelly Chen wears Chanel Tattoos on her thighs for her new music video! 
Her rocker outfit includes the trench coat from Chanel's Cruise 0910 and gladiators from Chanel's 2010 Spring-Summer Starting Point.
Personally though, the way Peter Philips did it on his models had this amazing gently flow and, really, he did it best! But then again, he IS Peter Philips : )

Feb 19, 2010

Another attractive product by Urban Decay

These very attractive glitter Eyeliners are packed with so much gliter that one brush line is all it takes for glittery eyes! Great for a party night out on the prowl hee hee!

Yummy Edible Marshmallow

I'm going to cover all my brides from now on with this yummy edible powder! Smells like the yummiest toasted marshmallows, this dusting body powder from Urban Decay shimmers like pearl under an evening light and just brings sexiness and hotness to a body! The leopard preens (haha sorry I just had to make fun!) puff just makes it all the more sexy.
I think any new husband will be more than pleased that his new bride smells this good and tastes so sweet : )

Anna Sui's Best Sellers

EVERYTHING in Anna Sui's collection of Make-up smells like a bed of roses! Her cosmetics look divine on any dressing table and using her stuff just takes me into a prairie world.

I'm wondering how the products manage to smell of roses even after 8 hours on, especially the nail polishes, how do they manage to smell so nice even after a week!

But don't doubt the quality of the products either, the mascaras are fabulous. Waterproof ones last the whole day and the 'long' one is packed with fibers to help lengthen lashes.
The liquid eyeliner, however, comes with a brush and might be difficult for a 'newbie' to master...

This is my very own personal stash of Anna Sui!
I love the eyelash curler, which is slightly flatter ( really good for Asian shaped eyes) which help prevent accidental clipping of skin!
The make-up brushes have been with me for about 6 years now and still do their magic. And the flat round brush is fantastic for applying blush on the apples of cheeks.

Anna Sui have gifted me the brush holder recently and I LOVE IT! Thank you guys for completing my set :)

Rouge Coco

Ladies! Peter Philips wants to transform us into feminine women again! He's created a new lipstick line called Rouge Coco to inspire and help us silly women to learn how to move away from glosses n balms and to start using lipstick again!
Well actually, depending on which era you're born in, you might not ever have used a lipstick even!
My mother in the 70's used to go to work with a full face of make- up and watching her apply lipstick was so 'adult'! I was always in awe of my mom (and still am!) and because of how she put herself together for work every morning, I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world :-)
Now thinking back and having all these Rouge Coco's in my hand, I will be inspired to act like a lady!
Ladies! Throw away those metallic glosses n get yourselves a lipstick!

I'm a fan of 05 Mademoiselle (first one from the left) and 31 Cambon (middle red shade)

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Exclusive Interview with Peter Philips for Chanel's new line of Lipsticks Rouge Coco

Feb 16, 2010

Urban Decay!

It's finally back in Singapore! Exclusively sold at Sephora only n with a brand new cool packaging! Love the lipsticks with a dagger at the end. Like it's been inspired by Chrome Heart. I have yet to try my stash generously given to me! The powder foundation, which has a really interesting texture, comes in a fun purple plastic container. Only down side to it is it's not reuseable. They really should make refills for them cause it's such a good quality case it could last alot longer then just the product!
The marshmellow edible body shimmer powder smells so yummy, I'm sure that will be a hit with my brides :-).
I've also been told that spending $120.00 n above gets u a really great deal goodie bag (worth $145.00!) Pictured below, has make-up remover, 2 eyeshadows, mascara and 2 eye pencils in it!
That is such a super good deal!
Ok will update and recommend as I try n test them!

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Feb 3, 2010

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

If you're into that minty, fresh, tingling shower, you have to try Dr. Bronner's Peppermint pure Castille Soaps. Apparently this soap is 3 times stronger than any other soap in the market! So a 50 cent coin amount will do the trick for your whole body! I got it from Four Seasons Organic Shop at Great World City and the lady behind the counter said that I could even use it to brush my teeth!!!!??? Ok, so far I haven't tried it and really am not quite into the brushing teeth with soap...?  

Organic and packed in a recycled container, I think it's a fantastic product. One tiny step to becomming more earth friendly : )
This is the website: http://www.saffronrouge.com/dr-bronners/liquid-soaps?p=2
There's an unscented one that's great for babies!

COGIT Sauna Burn Fat Mask for Entire Face

Ok, I really have an obsession with face slimming I admit. Why wasn't I born with a slim, svelte, small head...sigh... with deep set cheekbones....
So anyway in my boredom I decided to google face slimming producs and came across this!

The COGIT Sauna Burn Fat Mask for Entire Face. This is the full name of the product! Yes, and it's pink but really, what will my husband think when he sees a female Hannibal Lector in his bed?? And best of all it states that it will burn fat off your face for an entire day! So we go to work with it too?
Maybe come up with a floral design...? Or how about Camo?
But anyway, this website is jam packed with yummy looking products! Go check it out!