Jun 11, 2007

Style Nordic

My one stop shopping mall! There's always something for me to buy, it's crazy! A really good friend of mine, Jonas, (a fantastic entrepreneur I must add!) started this Scandinavian boutique a year and a half ago. He came to Singapore on a Business Course and loved it so much He decided to make this little Island his home! Jonas is such a huge promoter of all things Scandinavian, always talking about it with so much Passion!

Before Style Nordic, there was basically only IKEA, the biggest ever promoter of Modern Scandinavian Lifestyle. IKEA introduced Decorating your house with nice affordable Do-It-Yourself Furniture and of course the Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce and Potatoes (yum!). It's probably been almost 20 years since someone else finally decided to introduce Scandinavia in a different light! So Skal to Jonas!

For proof of where Fashion Trends begin in the World, go to The Sartorialist's blog (I have a link to his blog on the left) and look through his May archives of Street Swedish Style. Scandinavia really IS where it all begins! AND the men dress better than the women! Unbelievable!
Whatever people are into wearing now on the streets of Scandinavia will be next year's fashion trend, I guarantee that!

Style Nordic brings in
Nudie Jeans -one of the best Denim makers in Sweden (makes the ass look real good!)
Denim Birds - by Nudie
Fillipa K
Burfitt -this one's my favourite!

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