Jun 1, 2007


For Auntie Angie & Susie Woozie

Susie left a comment a couple of day ago and asked if there's any tips getting rid of the 'dead mommy look'. First of all, Missy, you just gave birth! All you should be thinking about is eating well and pampering yourself! I definitely recommend you find a good massage lady that can come round to your place for mini massages 3 times a week (Jason might be able to help with foot rubs?)! That will do the trick! This is not the time for you to be thinking about how you look! So when my turn comes, please give me this same piece of advice! So easy to give advice ah but when my turn comes, oh oh!

Auntie Angie emailed me asking how to get rid of pigmentation. We can't escape it! Her situation is a little more problematic as she lives in New Zealand and the sun is alot harsher there.

However, you can get rid of it! But it might be a little costly. Dermatologists around the world can do the trick Lasering it off and I think it takes maybe 4-5 visits. It's actually a good thing to do, cause it tends to spread all over the face eventually.

And after, maintaining and preventing will only require a strong UV Protection and some dermatology recommend products. Also, don't forget your hat when you're outdoors! All the whitening products out in the markets might not be able to help you and instead might make it worse as they normally contain salicylic acid, which can do more harm than good for pigmentation. If you'd like me to book a consultation with my doc when you're back, let me know. I can fix it for you : )

I found a photo of how UV protection can prevent pigmentation from occuring.

Susie, next time you go back to K.L, get you dad (he's a dermatologist!) to do a drermabrasion for you. That always works!

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