Jan 27, 2015


I think its very exciting times for DIOR, don't you? 
With Raf Simons as their new creative director and Peter Philips hopping from the other great house (wasn't that a scandal?!) to ride the high waves... sigh...
the fashion industry is forever filled with drama. I think beauty and vanity go hand in hand with drama, always.
But wherever you are Mr Philips, I will forever be a huge fan to your creativity and lucky opportunities!

You NEED to watch the docudrama, DIOR AND I
Was so privileged to have been invited to experience (and be inspired) by Raf Simons. It's about his transition into DIOR and doing Haute Couture for the very first time. All the pressures he felt, finding his inspirations along the way, the stress of the atelier team and the final relief of the audience applauding to his art.
I got goosebumps just typing it out now.

Here's a sneak peek into the Spring 2015 make up. 
The Kingdom of Colors
The DIORSHOW Kohl Retractable Liners can be used as an eyeliner or smudged out into a smokey eyeshadow. Beautiful and easy to manipulate.
And of course, The Cheek and Lip Glow.
I never leave home without having applied my 'insurance' make up. 
When the lipstick fades and the powders sweat away, I'm still left with a pink hue, phew!

Jan 26, 2015


For our 8th year anniversary.
I've been painting for about 6 months now and really enjoy it. I find the process and completion extremely satisfying to my soul and well-being. 
This painting of my husband is from a photograph taken on our first big holiday together, in Paris, at the Louvre Museum. Our son, Kian was 7 months old then.
That was 6 years ago. Then, I didn't know I would be painting today.
Here's the process in pictures. It took approximately 6 sessions, 2 hours per session at Arthaus.com
Carolyn and Aishah are wonderful teachers and run the art studio. 
And I'm so happy to have found them.



Finally got my hands on Chanel.
There are 2 big houses that come up with the most fabulous, perfect cosmetics for all women and Chanel is definitely one of them.
In my eyes, I really don't think anyone can ever compete with them.
They create make up into a luxe item, something every woman would like to carry in their handbags. And they not only look good, they come up with exciting, useable make up.