Jun 4, 2007

Foundation Applicators

Cream or Liquid Foundations

Brush, Sponge or Fingertips? All 3 Applicators produce different results.

The Brush uses the least amount of Foundation. It applies Foundation evenly and gives a very nice sheer, smooth finish. There are different sized Foundation Brushes, the bigger ones are for all over and the smaller ones are for spots or contours. For everyday personal use, the big Brush is enough to do the Job. It's also easy cleaning and maintaining. Brush can be washed daily after use and dries in no time. And it's great for Cream or Liquid Foundation!

The Sponge absorbs the most foundation. I find my Foundation going to waste if i use a Dry Sponge, but not as much if my Sponge is Damp. A Sponge can be used a few times, washing it daily after use or discarding it weekly. I like using the Sponge with Cream Foundations. Not so much with Liquid Foundation as it can cause streaking if the sponge is not of good quality. I've found the best Sponge in the world from this Beauty Brand called Alcone. It's been voted by Allure Magazine for the past few years! It's buttery soft, triangle shaped and when soaked in water expands to a very good sized Sponge for an easy grip : ).

And lastly, our fingertips. Cheapest way to apply Foundation! But does it do the trick?
Using our fingertips is the heavier way to applying Foundation. You might use too much or too little. But of course practice makes perfect. It also takes a longer time compared to using a Brush or Sponge.

So I definitely recommend either using a Brush or Sponge as applicators and your fingertips only for spot coverage.

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