Jun 21, 2007

Tips and Tricks- Getting a Spouse

The Love Wish

I have to share this with all of you! While I was single, I had alot of free time and read all sorts of books. Everything from trashy romance novels to crime to comics, astrology and feng shui. I was a fan of Lillian Too. She's a very famous feng shui expert from Kuala Lumpur and has written so many books on feng shui.

In one of her books titled Irresistible Feng Shui Magic, was a topic on finding one's true love. I've always felt Singapore to be very couple oriented, like it's almost not very single 'friendly' and honestly felt slightly awkward and lonely even though i was surrounded by wonderful friends. So from the 'society' pressure (or maybe it was just me who felt this way?) and the fact that I'm not getting any younger!, I decided to do something about it : )

I started focusing my energy into finding myself a wonderful man I could spend the rest of my life with. I had to be extremely sure, mind you! I wasn't going to just jump into the next relationship that came along, I promised myself that.

So I came across this article in the book about a Silver Box with peony motifs sybolizing love that can hold one's wishes for the perfect soul mate! It's not very easy finding a Silver box with peony motifs, and had to do one myself. Painting peonies (using oil paint) on an old silver box. I put my heart and soul into painting that box! After that was done, I sat down and started to think very long and hard what I was looking for in the man of my dreams. Stuff like how he must love animals, be patient, handsome, accept me for who I am... that sort of stuff.

I folded that note, put it in the box with a rose quartz and tucked it safely under the southwest corner of my bed. (my box was a square box, but if you got a round box, you should put it in the northwest corner). Voila! Not long later (about 6 months i think) The magic happened and my husband fits the bill to a tee!

Sometimes it could just be you, wishing and dreaming long and hard for something you really really want and it'll manifest! It's just how much you believe in something for it to work! No harm taking a chance right?


Anonymous said...

is that your mum's doing...she got me hooked on feng shui as well....but dun need to hook a man la....juz for harmony in my home etc....aunty aud

Anonymous said...

Really?? OMG!! stress lah! As if bf or husband nor hard enough to find, now must find silver box with peonies!!!! Ok! at our next shoot-cum-playtime, you must guide me how to realise my Marc Jacobs bag(I mean bf/partner/husband/dreamboat=ASHTON)