Jul 16, 2007

Off! Insect Repellent

This must look so silly! But living in Singapore where the weather is awfully friendly to Mozzies is really not such a funny situation. I had dengue a couple of months ago and swear I'd never want to experience it ever again! So I am left with very little choice but to protect myself every single day.

A very good friend of mine who lives in NYC recently came back to Singapore with a can of Off! for me. Yes, it was quite an auntie thing to do but I'm extremely grateful!

I don't get how Singapore pharmacies and drug stores are so backward with their porducts?! I mean wouldn't insect repellent be big business for them? Bring in all the different kinds of repellents for goodness sake!

So back to that wonderful Off! product, it was a non-sticky spray! It just came out powdery and it felt so nice! Perfect for our Humid climate!
Is anyone travelling to the States soon? Can i place an order please : )


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