Sep 9, 2013

Another beautiful Beauty Spread with Jeanette Ejlersen for Female Magazine September 2013

Using colors from Sephora. from that luggage sized stash I got a month ago. Another beautiful beauty spread shot by THE beauty photographer, Raymond Lee and of course styled by Jeanette Ejlersen. Only the best!

Female Magazine September 2013 Fashion Spread

This is my first time using Shiseido for a fashion shoot. I can't rave more about the liquid foundations and concealers. The liquid, light yet provides good coverage and the concealer creamy and concealed well. Thank you for your generosity Shiseido!
Shot with the maestros, jeremy Tan and Mark Law and hairstyling by super talented Marc Teng.

Model is Jing Wen, the same model that was in the September ELLE fashion spread I did. See how styling can transform people into different personalities.

Sep 5, 2013

Great new products from DIOR to shout about

Okay. Tell me, which woman on this planet doesn't want a slim, svelt, v shaped face?! We are all obsessed with the slimness of our face. And if you deny, you're LYING!
Well, I've been testing out this fantastic product from Dior called Capture V.
There are 3 products within that range. A Face Mask, Serum and a Moisturizer. I've used the mask and serum.

Okay okay, before I go on ranting and raving, I must warn ladies with sensitive skin (skin that can break out easily), this product is rich. I've been getting breakouts from this product around areas I've applied so I won't lie and deny its perfect. Its not. But it does work and it does slim down the jawline!

What i did to control the breakouts was to go for a chemical facial peel. That's another story I'd like to share with you. I think alot of us are a bit freaked out by the word chemical... but really, a chemical peel is just a fruit acid potion applied onto skin to help skin detox and refresh from the inside. So it actually helps us with acne prone skin, fine lines and light pigmenttion. Its the best thing I've done with my skin and I love it!

And now, I use the Capture V only on my neck and jawline area. Pimples are under control and skin is looking great from peels! 

Where did all my talent come from?

Here's the secret!
My beautiful mother! She was an Estee Make-Up Artist in the 70s. I was always in awe of her well put together hair and make up everyday! She would set her hair in soft spongey rollers at night and her eyeshadow was always immaculate! Love my mom to bits xxx

Matte Matte Matte!

They're back! And way more fantastic! After years of oily, glossy (like I just ate 10 chicken wings lipstick look), the matte lippy is back and better! I remember in the 90s when matte was all the rage... remember Poppy lipsticks from Australia? They were the mattest matte you could get and my god, it was nasty on the lips! My lips would crack and peel and yucks!
Now the matte is matte yet comfortable. No more cracks and unkissable lips for everyone. A dewy skin and matte lips, nice!
NARS has really good matte lipticks. Dressed to Kill is the lipstick I will stash for a long time. Fantastic color. Fun and spunky!


Here's another unexpected fantastic matte. Keep you face powdery and quite bare for this look so the look isn't overtaken by something else as its a pretty loud shade to wear.

And if you just want to try all sorts of matte, why not go with some lip pencils from Urban Decay! Colors of the red rainbow for you to play with!

Here's some more matte stuff just for fun. Play with matte mono eyeshadows too. 

The Body Shop's Cruelty Free Beauty Press Launch

Found a photograph of me doing The Body Shop Cruelty Free Press Presentation held on 14 March 2013 at the Raffles City boutique. Body Shop was launching their mono eyeshadows purely made out of natural pigments and ingredients without harming any bunnies in its process. And also with Leona Lewis's line of spring make up. Was a successful presentation despite some local celebrities ignoring my presentation and talking and laughing disrupting the bloggers concentration. U know who u are!

I also raved on ELLE Singapore about the mono eyeshadows being so intense and well pigmented, with fun colors to be adventurous and playful with one's make up!

ELLE Singapore September Issue Fashion Spread

Shot on location at the Capella Sentosa for 2 days with Daphne Chen. Photographer Joel Lim, Hairstylist Calvin Gan and Make Up by Venetia Stravens