Jun 1, 2007

Little Helper

Eye Make-Up Removers

Most cosmetics brands sell Eye-Make-up Removers, so how will we know which one suits us? From hundreds to choose from, I'm sure you'll go for your Favourite brand first? Smart thinking BUT what if your favourite brand's remover doesn't suit you?

Some Removers might be too greasy, causing little oil bumps growing around the eye area and It's very hard to get rid of. Some Removers tend to be too light, making it hard and painful to remove Waterproof Make-Up eg- Mascaras or Eyeliners.

Your Skin around the Eyes is the first tell-tale sign of ageing, Yes I know, you've read this a million times in Magazines and It's nothing you don't already know. There's all these advance Dermatology and Plastics that can help, so just deal with it when it comes and for now we can forget about caring for them. That's a good philosophy for those who aren't afraid of pain but I am!

Here are some tried and tested products I recommend. I've stuck to them for a couple of years and they have done the job really well! Everyone needs to try and test products on themselves to realise if it suits them. When irritation occurs, stop usage. Once you've found the right one, stick with it!

Helena Rubinstein
Christian Dior

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Anonymous said...

which brand is good for me? been using l'oreal...alitte oily. aunty aud