Jul 23, 2007

The Prime Society

Great new hangout place on Dempsey Road called The Prime Society. This is one of Carl's projects and he's very proud of it calling it his baby. For all of you who are sick of eating at P.S Cafe for the thousandth time, check this one out. The ribs with thai chilli and lime are to die for! The fries are perfectly done. Chrispy on the outside and creamy inside : )
Don't forget the most important meal, dessert! mmm!!! Have the Pina Colada, thinly sliced pineapple with rum soaked jelly and a scoop of fantastic ice-cream ooohhhh!
And Brunch is scrumptious! Makes me hungry just writing about it!
Drinks are excellent too! The bar mixologist is awesome!


Update on Anya

Where else but China has come out with fake Anya Hindmarch 'I'm not a plastic bag' bags! So ridiculous! Now it really looks awful to me. Don't think Ebayers are going to make fast money from their stash anymore.

Perfect Foundation Brush

This is such a perfect Foundation Brush from Benefit. I am really glad this brand is here in Singapore. It's so quirky and fun! It makes make-up fun! Kind of reminds me of playing house when we were little girls.
I like using the Foundation Brush most as it's the cleanest, easiest to wash and dries in no time. A real no fuss. It also uses very little foundation for more coverage, the less is more concept. Great for liquids, creams or cake foundation.

Autumn's Star Product

Chanel's Camilla's lipstick palette is soo Lush! I can't bear to use it! This is their Autumn/Winter star product which you really need to grab! I know that they have a cult following of women who buy every single one of their star products, amazing!
So this yummy palette launches late august if you're interested.

Coco Mademoiselle

Keira Knightley is the new face of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle perfume. This girl is really growing on me. She seems more beautiful everytime. We were invited to preview the making of and the new T.V Commercial and they've made her look so much like the real Madame Coco!
And the fragrance is stunning too!

Jul 18, 2007

Limited Edition

Mr Shu Uemura celebrates his 79th birthday this year! These limited edition cases are a definite worthy investment for all you make-up fanatics out there. All the make-up artists and press were invited to the launch and to celebrate the special day with them 2 weeks ago at CK Tang. I was given a brush case which is soo pretty. Perfect for your day handbag use, it also comes with a zipper compartment for cosmetics. Worth checking it out!

Jul 16, 2007

Off! Insect Repellent

This must look so silly! But living in Singapore where the weather is awfully friendly to Mozzies is really not such a funny situation. I had dengue a couple of months ago and swear I'd never want to experience it ever again! So I am left with very little choice but to protect myself every single day.

A very good friend of mine who lives in NYC recently came back to Singapore with a can of Off! for me. Yes, it was quite an auntie thing to do but I'm extremely grateful!

I don't get how Singapore pharmacies and drug stores are so backward with their porducts?! I mean wouldn't insect repellent be big business for them? Bring in all the different kinds of repellents for goodness sake!

So back to that wonderful Off! product, it was a non-sticky spray! It just came out powdery and it felt so nice! Perfect for our Humid climate!
Is anyone travelling to the States soon? Can i place an order please : )


Better Than Anya

I think I've been seeing too much of the Anya Hindmarch 'I'm not a Plastic Bag' bag. It's really not as nice as I thought it would be! It looked more like a handbag than a tote bag, and it's way too small for a grocery bag that's for sure! Then you see these girls feeling really chic about it toting it around when really the only big fuss for it was beacause of the limited amount that Anya Hindmarch releases each time!

So this morning I was going through the usual sites and came across this really fantastic bag called the baggu. It's definitely much bigger than the Hindmarch and the straps look so much more comfortable compared to the roped other. I placed an order of 3 bags that cost us$24.00 plus shipping and got 3 fantastic colors!

Isn't having some style way better than some designer brand : )


Jul 9, 2007

Alex Noble

This guy is a real talent! Met him a couple of years go (through Susie) while he was in Singapore working for Batey Ads. Such a talented artist! You got to check out his stuff! And some of them are for sale. Worth every cent!

Alex has since moved to Tokyo as a Senior Art Director for a very big Advertising Agency and I got to meet him again through Facebook! See it is a good thing!



Yes, I've been missing in action for some time now. Susie introduced me to Facebook and I've been hooked on it eversince! It's such an addiction!

Facebook is sort of like Friendster but cooler and much more entertaining. I get to play Scrabble with friends, throw food at them, post funny pictures on their walls, virtual pets and even have your own garden. So I sheepishly admit to having igonred my Blog all because of Facebook!

But you guys should really check it out too : )!
It really is so much fun!