Jun 6, 2007

Dear Hanna

Thank you so very much for being such a fan of my Blog! It's so nice to hear feedbacks all the time, makes me smile! You asked in your last email how you could protect your skin and at the same time to not look so pale and grey being cooped up in the office 9 hours a day.

Now, that is a tricky question for me! The first thing that came to my mind was to have outdoor lunches in the sun now that it's summer time, but it's not so good without UV protection. So i had to do some research and found that Olay has a product out in the market that is a new daily moisturizer designed to give your skin what it needs most to look healthy -- moisture, vitamin E and SPF 15 UV protection -- while gradually enhancing skin's natural color and tone with a touch of sunless tanner for a sun-kissed glow every day!

I've seen my mom use Olay for many many years and She still swears by it. Why not give it a try? I't's quite an inexpensive product and if it doesn't work, you can always recycle it as a moisturiser for your hands or legs. And the best bit is it won't leave messy orange streaks on your palms!

Exercising always helps too. Cardio gets your blood going and will get rid of grey undertones in your complexion : )

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