Jun 27, 2007

Dear Sharon

Great Online Shopping!

Love your blog!
Makes me feel connected to my old love of shoes, bags and all things girly although i'm home alot these days with Kayla!
Have been able to continue shopping with her around via websites.. Are you going to include a post on fab shopping sites? :)
Aside from Net-a-porter.. any other great sites to indulge in?

Online shopping is soo much fun! I love the suspense and anticipation of it all! Ebay has to be my favourite! There's everything on Ebay! And bidding and winning is so satisfying hee. It can get frustrating though sometimes and therapy for overcoming it is being able to shop online without having to bid! Here are some of my favourite shopping sites besides Net-A-Porter!

www.shopbop.com (dresses and bags!)
www.americanapparelstore.com (tees and underwear/ basics)
www.urbanoutfitters.com (funky clothes and house stuff)
www.creaturesofcomfort.us (young designers with great clothing concepts carrying my favourite label Burfitt pictured above)
www.eluxury.com (designer handbags!)
www.abercrombie.com (american casual)
www.stylefinder.com (exactly what is says)
www.barneys.com (unique designer stuff that we can't find in Singapore)

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Anonymous said...

Oooh.... thanks for the sites!:)going to check them out..