Jul 23, 2007

The Prime Society

Great new hangout place on Dempsey Road called The Prime Society. This is one of Carl's projects and he's very proud of it calling it his baby. For all of you who are sick of eating at P.S Cafe for the thousandth time, check this one out. The ribs with thai chilli and lime are to die for! The fries are perfectly done. Chrispy on the outside and creamy inside : )
Don't forget the most important meal, dessert! mmm!!! Have the Pina Colada, thinly sliced pineapple with rum soaked jelly and a scoop of fantastic ice-cream ooohhhh!
And Brunch is scrumptious! Makes me hungry just writing about it!
Drinks are excellent too! The bar mixologist is awesome!



Anonymous said...

ooi carl....got discount a not??? will try it out on my gals nite out next week!! publicise for you you know...aunty aud...hee

Troodee said...

Hmmm yummy!!! I'll be there for sure!