Jun 19, 2007

Tips and Tricks- Eyeliners


There are different ways of applying eyeliners. Pencils, with Eyeshadows using a Sponge Tip or Brush and of course the most difficult (and scary!) Liquid Eyeliner.

Pencils are the easiest, of course but they also smudge and smear the easiest. Someone has however invented the waterproof pencil eyeliner! It's not a gimmick, I can definitely assure it really works! But the line that you'll be drawing with it won't be a thin line like the liquid eyeliner can achieve. Neither will it be a glossy black line (it's usually a matte black 2mm line you get from a pencil). So, pencils are best for that sexy grunge all over eyeliner as depicted in the black and white photo on your right.

Eyeshadow eyeliners need abit more experience as it can get messy and leave you with blotches of powder that escaped the brush onto your cheeks, or worse still, right under your eyes causing you to look like you haven't slept in 2 weeks! This is where the fan brush comes in handy! With light strokes, brushing away the fallen powder from the inside of your cheeks outwards. Eyeshadow eyeliners however don't work without a base (your foundation and powder) as there's nothing to hold the powder to your skin. But it does create a very nice soft line, almost like a smokey effect.

As for the frightening Liquid eyeliner, my trick is to NEVER use the brush it comes with! That brush needs hands of steel! Hands that have never trembled in their lives! Here's my trick: I use a steady thin flat square brush to help me achieve a nice straight thin line! I brush on the liquid eyeliner onto the ends of the brush and start from the middle of the eye slowly working my brush inward and start again from the outer corner working my brush to meet the middle of the line where i started! Soo easy! Just needs practice! Like everything else you are familiar and used to doing in your life, no sweat!

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Where can I get the waterproof pencil eyeliner??