Jul 9, 2007


Yes, I've been missing in action for some time now. Susie introduced me to Facebook and I've been hooked on it eversince! It's such an addiction!

Facebook is sort of like Friendster but cooler and much more entertaining. I get to play Scrabble with friends, throw food at them, post funny pictures on their walls, virtual pets and even have your own garden. So I sheepishly admit to having igonred my Blog all because of Facebook!

But you guys should really check it out too : )!
It really is so much fun!


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Susie Chow said...

get off facebook woman....i need some beauty advice! what is a good fake tan to use? i'm currently using that stuff that is a moisturiser/tanner in one. this particular one is called holiday skin by J&J. it is very cool cos you just use it like a daily moisturiser and the tan bulids up after a few days.
but where to buy in asia haaaaaaaah? jason's mom was using one by l'oreal. can't remember the name. so hip for a grandmother right?!
i know lots of brands have brought out the same sort of thing but which one is good?....