Jun 18, 2007

Stand By Me Too

Here's a new discovery! I went on a shoot and realised I'd run out of Stand By Me One!(It's my Shu Uemura Make-Up Base) Oh the panic! But of course digging into my huge 'base' pouch i discover this lovely lovely Dior Base (called DiorSnow Pure UV Whitening Base SPF35) that I've had for a few weeks and had forgotten about it! What relief!

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive at first using something completely new to me and knowing I didn't have much time to rectify a mistake if I made one but there was no other choice. What a lovely surprise it was! My model's foundation stayed on all day outdoors without streaking or disappearing! Her foundation was immaculate!

But it is a Whitening product so I'm not sure how many of you (trying so hard to have a tan) will take to it...

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