Jun 5, 2007

Fantastic Dior Foundations

Dior Pure Light Foundation
Dior Airflash Foundation

These are the 2 Foundations I use for work. Pure Light Foundation is a Liquid Foundation that glides on like smooth silk and gives a Dewy finish that works perfectly in front of Camera and great for Brides on their big day. It's a subtle Foundation which you can use with a Powder Foundation (applying with a brush) for more coverage. Works great on Caucasian or Asian Skin.

The Airflash Foundation gives an Airbrush finish, which is so good as i don't have to carry the silly Airbrush Machine everywhere i go! Perfect coverage and if applied on unevenly, can be blended with fingertips or a sponge. Dior has however never Advertised this product here in Singapore but if you ask the Beauty Advisors at the counter, they will gladly take it our for you from the cupboard! Europe and the States sell the bigger sized cans. Can be used approximately 20 times, depending on amount used each time.

Both very highly recommended!

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