Jun 1, 2007

Our Saviour

The Dermatologist

If you're ever unsure which products to use on your skin, go to a Dermatologist! I go to one and have gone to him for a few years now. I get my regular supply of Creams, Toners, Serums and have used to same products since. The products miraculously still work! Have you realised how your favourite Moisturiser or Toner stopped doing it's magic after awhile? And you have to switch to something else and then go back to it later? And they probably cost too much for you to believe it's happening but it is! Alot of products out in the market tend to work really well in the beginning, but slowly they start to stop working! Very annoying!

Now, i'm referring to those of us who tend to have Breakouts or Combination Skin, also Dry, Sensitve or Eczema prone. It is not expensive going to a Dermatologist. All the money you spend in Pharmacies and Malls on Beauty skin care that doesn't suit you, it's definitely cheaper visiting a doctor! Your counter top in the bathroom will be alot more spacious too! And honestly, I don't trust facials.

Of course some of you have wonderful flawless skin and can use any product on the shelf and your skin will still be perfect. How lucky! And so much fun! You get to use any Brand that appeals to you! But you can still try out a Dermabrasion when you have some time. Imagine perfectly glowing translucent skin! What Dermabrasion does is it removes dead cells thoroughly using a machine that rolls fine crystals all over your face.A little uncomfotable but very worth it! Your skin will be glowing for the next month!

My beauty secret is Dr S.K Tan, Wonderful man with alot of patience! He has done so much good for my face and I've recommended him to countless friends. He's located in Tong Building, next to Paragon. Make an appointment!


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