May 31, 2007

Girl's Best Friends

My Wonderful Sponsors!

First of all, thank you so much dear Sharon for the kind words! Carl has got the hint and knows he's in for trouble after posting that comment hee. Women's rights!

Now, I really have to talk about this! One of the best perks any girl can ever ask for in her line of work. I get Sponsored! What do my Sponsors do? They give me free stuff every Season! It's for me to use for Fashion Spreads, Advertising jobs, Brides and Regular Clients. I get to try out the latest and most advanced Make-Up before it hits the shelves in the Stores! Sometimes, it's just too many things and sweet Caroline (Carl's secretary) got me a mini fridge last Christmas to store all the wonderful goodies!

I've given up using a hand carry Make-Up box and instead roll a suitcase around like an Air Stewardess! Cab drivers get so upset when they find out after that i'm not going to the airport : ). Oh i love the look on their faces!

Yes, it's a wonderful perk and in return i do a great Editorial/ Fashion spread using their wonderful Make-Up and credit them at the end of each story after my Name.
Thank you all my lovely sponsors! I'm so grateful for all this kind generosity!

My lovely sponsors:


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