Mar 13, 2010

Prescriptives and Max Factor R.I.P

So the beauty industry is afterall, not recession -proof! I just read (yes, i know I'm abit slow) That Max Factor and Prescriptives succumbed to the US recession with Prescriptives shutting down completely! Max Factor apparently can still be bought in stores outside of the States. I don't recall seeing Max Factor here in Singapore...but I remember them to have wonderful affordable Mascaras back in those days.

And dear dear Prescriptives! I think they were like the first few brands that ever sponsored me. So sad : (. A definite sadness in my heart to hear that you're forever gone. You guys were the first to come up with this loose powder that felt like liquid...what was it called..Yes! The magic liquid powder! That was probably in the late 90's!
Last chance to get your hands on this about to be extinct brand! and are selling all stock until it all clears out! Hurry! I'm going to order my magic liquid powder just for sentimental sake!

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aunty aud said...

yeah..share your sentiments....louvvve the helena rubinstein mascara. the one with the screw like top...can only buy from scotts duty-free but not duty-free know what i mean???
also, miss my chanel no. 26 rouge allure lipstix...discontinued??? hmmmmm......