Mar 8, 2010

Dior's Poudrier Dentelle

This was one of the really pretty products given to me that I really couldn't bear to use! I had an aunt come to visit one day and I decided to let her have it and kind of forgot all about it till she gave me some really informative feedback recently.

This Dior 2010 Spring Poudrier Dentelle, the star porduct is an illuminating powder. I never thoguht to try it on myself due to my oily face, any more illuminating and I could fry an egg!
My Aunt Audrey, so smart of her, used this under her mattifying M.A.C face powder and swears that it creates this porcelain effect!
What a fabulous product it is! Now I have to go out and buy one!

1 comment:

aunty aud said...

ya...go get it gals! it really makes me feel & look beautifuu....cross my heart.....thanks for the great gift! it really pays to be an aunt of a famous makeup artist!