Mar 6, 2010

Goodbye Nicole

I'm sure you all know or have seen or heard of model Nicole, also knowned as Daul Kim. I did this shoot years ago with her when she was just 16. We went to shanghai together. With photographer Geoff Ang, stylist Johnny Khoo, hairstylist Dexter Ng n I did make-up.
Nicole (that's the name I knew her as) was soo young n I didn't have much to say to her so we all kind of did our jobs and kind of did our own thing...
Only when I learnt that she passed away by taking her own life did I become interested in her life... Very sad. I managed to read her blog- iliketoforkmyself. before they privatized it n read all her entries that I realized how intelligent, complicated and interesting this little girl was.
She was fantastic with poetry. She was stylish, she was really good with her music choices too. Very mature for her age and definitely had alot of substance.
It's been months now since she died and I always wanted to write something about how kind of bad I feel not not having given her the time of day.
This was a special being that was so disturbed by herself that even though she was on her way to becomning Karl Lagerfeld's new muse, she couldn't give a damn n took her life anyway.
Rest in peace dear Nicole... I hope your parents will find it in their hearts to forgive u so that they will one day smile again.

I can only imagine what they are going through having lost a child.

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