Mar 16, 2010

Anthropology Closing Down Treasure Find

The shop Anthropology, whcih sells all kinds of knick-knacks is finally closing down all their branches- for good : (. Sad. Apparently they did really badly all of last year, and really, how in the blazing world can you really make money here through a shop...the landlords will kill you first! Rent here is so ridiculous I woldn't even entertain any opening store kind of notion!
Anyway, I was down at the Anthropology store in Holland Village and came across these LA Tweez tweezers. They were going for $6.00 (dirt cheap!!!) so I bought one to give it a go. They're so much fun!! I can tweeze my eyebrows while my husband sleeps! I really doubted it at first, being a tweezerman fan for years and years but these LA Tweez ones were good! Sharp and tight enough to pull! Velly good la!
They're opened till the end of the month so go shopping!

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aunty aud said...

ya...waz about to ask you for tips on self-shaping eye-brows...mine are nice and bushy..but needs maintenance la..