Mar 4, 2010

Getting it right!


Beauty Tips and Tricks:
Sexy Eye Shadow

Achieving that Smokey, Smoldering look (like my ICON Magazine spread I did awhile back featured above) depends on the right tools you choose to use.  The shape and size of your brush can help tremendously with Blending and Contouring (Shu Uemura’s Eye Shadow brush no.14 is a personal favorite of mine!). It cuts my blending time in half and helps create a nice soft shadow on the Eyelid, also bringing out the contours of eyes. Always brush your Eye Shadow from the outside inward towards your nose bridge; this will help lift the eyes. Doing so in the other direction might cause eyes to look droopy and sad.

After applying the Eye Shadow all over your eyelid, take a sponge tip applicator and apply a darker shade of color close and above your lash line  (a little on your lower lash doesn't hurt too). This effect will also make your lashes look fuller and help ‘open’ up your eyes.  Shu Uemura’s brushes are one of my personal favourites. Some of my brushes are 15 years old and it’s still in tip top condition and working its wonders! 

And not forgetting the most important, Eyeliner and Mascara! Without these 2, Eyeshadow will be dull and lack-lustre. ONLY use waterproof! Its a pain getting it off but would you rather smudge like a grunge rock chick or put in a few extra dollars for that good old reliable remover? 
Try Benefit's BadGal Waterproof Eyeliner! I Like!

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