Mar 12, 2010

Mr Peter Philips Again!

I've been reading up on Mr Peter Philips (Chanel's Creative Make-Up Director) lately and found his life and creativity really interesting!
Philips, had an artist for a biological dad and a business-owner stepfather. He decided on a relatively traditional course of studies at first and got a degree in graphic design in Brussels. But soon after graduating, he headed back home to attend the Antwerp Academy, where he became swept up in the fashion revolution.
Chanel's Jade Le Vernis nail lacquer, (I blogged about it few months back) was such a hit but it wasn't the only success story for this true living beauty genius!
This Belgian-born face painter hadn't pick up a makeup brush until he was 27!!! when he attended the Paris shows as a dresser and caught the beauty bug. Philips was then a self-confessed fashion victim and saw something in makeup that was intricately linked to fashion but didn't require having to make a collection. People took notice of him when he did a shoot for Raf Simons. He drew a Mickey Mouse face onto a model and the fashion people quickly took notice of this face painter.
One day Karl Lagerfeld met him on a Fendi shoot and soon enough Chanel's former creative directors Heidi Morawetz and Dominique Moncourtois—the latter of whom was the last employee to have been handpicked by Mlle Chanel herself—invited him to their atelier and asked him how he'd feel about taking over. What a dream!
Take, for instance, the temporary tattoos that he and Lagerfeld dreamed up for Spring 2010. The two-dimensional strings of pearls and baubles, which were devised by Philips, go on sale this month and there are already 3,589 names on the wait list in the States!
This guy has creativity seeping out through his pores and all the success that is his now is definitely well deserved!

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