May 29, 2007

Getting back to Beauty!

Lip Glosses
The Perfect Trick!

Lip Glosses tend to smear and smudge after some time, I haven't come across a Gloss that had more than 1-2 hrs staying power. There are different types and textures of Glosses, the stickier ones (M.A.C Lip Glass, Lancome's Juicy Tubes) do have better staying power but can be quite uncomfortable to apply for too long (8hrs or more) a Period, they are actually better for Evening use.
Then there's the Water Based Glosses (Dior, Shu Uemura and Chanel have nice ones) . They usually come in Lipstick form and these have little staying power but feel more comfortable on Lips.

So here's the trick:
Do touch ups frequently OR here's another great way to get nice plump glossy healthy (in the pink of health kind) Lips!

Benefit has a product called Benetint and what it does is it stains your Lips a Rose Color! It's like Liquid Ink that just sets into your Lips after application (dabbing with your fingertips) and doesn't come off, so it's a guarantee stay proof Tint!
And after, i just use Vaseline over it and it feels extremely comfortable!
No Smudges or Smears!
The same product can even be used on your cheeks for a Winter Sunkissed Look.

I've heard that how this Product came about was because the Founders of Benefit had friends that were Cabaret Dancers and were looking for a Make-Up Product they could use to Enhance their Nipples to a Pleasant Shade of Pink! How fantastic is that?!

Benefit's Very First Store is opening beginning June in Singapore! And it's going to be in C.K.Tang. How convenient!

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Anonymous said...

luvvvvvvvvvv the benefit blusher you gave me! idiot proof for people like me....on the go type....more plsssssssss.....aunty aud