May 28, 2007

Let's start with the Basics


Making an investment in high quality tools is essential. It's actually more cost friendly buying an expensive brush to last you the years then to buy a lousey one that would probably last you maybe up to 6 months, depending how you use and abuse them. I have approximately 70 brushes that i have on hand everytime i work. Most of them have lasted on average 6 years! And they're still going strong with care!

I have to stress that it's very very important to care for your brushes and to please keep them clean! Brushes harbor alot of dirt and bacteria, which causes breakouts and cause your make-up to go onto your skin clumpy. Badly blended make-up is obvious! And it looks nasty!

Ideally, you should wash any brush that you use for liquid make-up (including concealer, foundation, lip products, cream shadows, and so on) every other day (or every week if you're lazy!). For brushes you use on powder, you can clean them every two weeks.

I love washing my brushes with pantene shampoo for dry and brittle hair! Ooh the texture it leaves the bristles and how smootly it glides on your face! If you're a little more hardworking, i'd suggest using shampoo then conditioner. Just the regular stuff you use for your own hair. But don't fret lazy ones! There's actually brush cleaner products ( has my favourite one!) you can get that you only have to spray on and wipe the brush with a tissue and all the make-up will come straight off! But please! That doesn't mean you can go without washing your brushes forever! Pamper your brushes and they will pamper you back!

For tips on cleaning your brushes:

1. Gently run your make-up brushes under lukewarm water. Swish them around in the sink until the water runs clear. Hold the brush under the water with the handle pointing up so that you don't irreparably damage the brush.

2. Add a small amount of shampoo to the palm of your hard and swish your brush around in your hand and then under the water.

3. Rinse your hand and the brush thoroughly, then wring out the water from the brush's tip. To retain the shape of the brush hair, gently squeeze to remove all traces of soap and water and place them so they can dry flat on a clean dry towel to dry.

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