May 28, 2007

Tips and Tricks

I get asked all the time to lend some tips and tricks from editors, friends and clients. The aim of my blog is being able to put my thoughts and tips down every time one springs to mind. Make-up is really fun and girlie, we all love playing with it. But sometimes it can be intimidating! For example a waterproof liquid eyeliner! Or a metal pinching Eyelash Curler! Yes, beauty comes with pain. No pain no gain but please! there’s many different levels of pain, so stop being so silly!
I hope with this blog i will be able to share my trade with you. To guide you with little beauty anxieties and to prevent you from hurting yourselves!


Unknown said...

Hi Netia
Congrats on launching your blogspot. Really powderfuu!! Intersting postings. Loved all. You are a wonderful talented young woman and full of potentials. I'm proud to be one of your aunties. Read everything except the recipe part, cos we3 are vegetarians and are averse to coriander leaves. I'd add that if you want to entice more aunties and aunties-in-law to read your blog, how about having an itsy-bitsy spot to pen tips on beautycare and makeup for the gracefully aging ones, those of us where staining our nipples to a pleasant Shade of Pink is not on our Priority List. lovelots, a-mag

Susie Chow said...

a beauty blog by venetia....... PERFECT!!! i always wanted to start one myself, but as you can see i only got as far as setting up an account!
looking forward to more wonderful entries. i, for one, will have plenty of time at home to read interesting stuff on the net. got any beauty advice for the dead-mommy look?
well done!
lots of love