May 30, 2007

Oh that Evil Gadget!

Oh Darling Eyelash Curler!
Oh how we Adore you!

Anyone who gets to know this little Devil will be delighted with it's talent! I promise that you will get the hang of it after some training, so please don't give up.

There are however some very lucky few who really don't need him! It's so ridiculous! Imagine naturally long, Full, Curled Lashes, like some Exotic Flamenco dancer, ooh it makes me so jealous!

But for the rest of us Plebs, here's some tips!

Choosing an Eyelash Curler to suit you can be tricky. Some of us have very Flat Eyelids whilst other could have a very Curved Lid. With Curved Lids, Curlers can't get to the corners so your Lashes end up some Curled and others not, messy!
And the poor flat Lids tend to get clipped most of the time!

My recommendations are:

Flat Lids- Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Normal Lids- Anna Sui Eyelsh Curler
Curvy Lids- Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Now what i'm going to tell you is priceless! There actually is a trick to Curling your Lashes! This is a 3 step procedure, guaranteed to make your lashes stay Curled all day long!

1. Place your Curler to the Root of your Lashes, as close as you can get without clipping yourself and gently squeeze a few times
2. Release squeeze and place Curler in the middle of your Lash Length and gently squeeze a few times
3. Release squeeze and place curler near the tip of Lash and gently squeeze

Repeat this procedure a few times and look into the mirror with your face angled 3 quarters. You will see that your Lashes have a natural Curl to it and that it's not sticking up straight towards the sky. Once you've achieved that natural curve, you've GOT TO use a Waterproof Mascara to set the curl!

Remember that non Waterproof Mascaras tend to be heavier in weight so your curl will never stay! And please don't ever put Mascara before Curling as it'll most likely rip your lashes out!


Unknown said...

THANK YOU for letting us in on this little secret! You actually showed this to me when you did my make-up for the wedding (BEAUTIFUL!!!) - and I've been using the tric ever since! And guess what - even I have eyelashes :) !!
Every morning when I do my makeup I think of you!!

This is a truly a great blog, girl and I'll follow it closely.

Lots of love from Jess in Sweden

Anonymous said...

still have probs perfecting my left eyelash curling....dun turn out as good as my right...m right handed la....aunty aud