May 30, 2007

A Real Eye Opener


They are god sent i swear! Make-Up will not be complete without it, Eye Shadows would never come alive without it! AND it's the easiest Make-Up trick in my book to Bright Sparkling Eyes!

Waterproof or non Waterproof? I am the biggest fan of Waterproof Mascaras! I detest any unnecessary smudging where I have no control over. Sure, it's cheaper and easier to remove Non Waterproof but who wants to be cheap when it comes to Beauty?

Spend top dollar for a real good Eye Make-Up Remover! The better the Remover, the easier it comes off. I'll recommend some in my next Post, Let's get back to the little Gems.

These Mascaras are what's in my personal Make-up case. I Love Helena Rubinstein and Dior, I've just discovered Anna Sui! All of Anna Sui's Cosmetics smell of roses! It's such a nice touch she added, really really Girlie and it makes my imagination float into some Victorian Parlour. Her Waterproof Mascaras also kick ass and really never let me down or embarrass me in Public!

Then there's the DiorShow Waterproof Mascara with it's Huge Brush that just makes my Lashes feel so Lush! I Love the brown for day use, so Natural and so Full! This I highly recommend Caucasian Lashes or anyone with Long Lashes. This is instant wake-up to a Sparkling You : ).

And finally, THE Mascara i recommend Beginners, Short Lashed or anyone who loves a little piece of history. This special little thing has no bristles! Just a screw like wand with tiny fiber particles to lenghten so no intimidation from brushes that you feel or think might go into your eye while you're applying!

Mascara as we know it was invented in 1913. The word mascara comes from the Italian word “Maschera” and means to “Mask”. T.L. Williams, a Chemist, invented the product for his sister Mabel. He sold and shipped the Mascara by Mail. He later set up a cosmetic company named Maybelline. The name is derived from his sister’s name and the word Vaseline.

In 1957, Helena Rubenstein, cosmetic giant, began distribution of mascara in the modern tube with the brush applicator and Long Lash was the first. 50 years old! And it still does it's magic even in today's advanced society!


Unknown said...

You are absolutely right! I weally-weally wuv mascaras as my eyelashes are not only short but barely there! However, Waterproofed ones which aren't smudgeproofed don't work so well for me as I have oily eyelids and by end of workday, I develop panda-eye smudges. I like Clinique's lash power mascara - the one that's removable with warm water (39deg). Just be extra careful when you are checking into a boiling pot of soup - or you'd be serving your guests soup sprinkled with Clinque's mascara bits. wuv, a-mag

Anonymous said...

helena r still my full i line in between lashes with kohl for fuller lashes look? aunty aud