May 30, 2007

A Real Eye Opener Part 2

Oh you guys are so great! I love all your comments and it keeps me going with my blog! Auntie Margeret sent me a comment stating that even Waterproof Mascaras smudge for those who have oily Eyelids, TRUE! It sucks. Alot of us Asians also tend to have heavy under bags, so all you happy people who love laughing tend to have smudges after a great conversation : ).

My questions are:
Do you apply some powder on your eyelids before applying mascara?
Do you curl your Lashes before Application?
Curling your Lashes before application definitely helps and of course doing touch ups now and then with some Oil Blotters.

I know that the Japanese brands of Mascara tend to be alot tougher. Kose has a Waterproof Mascara also in a screw like wand with no bristles that stays on forever! The kind that if you don't wash it off it'll just continue being there for days! I'm not sure if it's been discontinued but i will try to find out more Information.

Auntie Margeret also recommended Clinique's Lash Power Mascara - Apparently it's removable with warm water (39deg)! If any of you out there that is using or have used this product and swear by it, I would love to hear your comments!

I've been searching the Inernet for it but only came across Clinique's gentle Waterproof Mascara. Is this the same one?

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