Jan 15, 2010

Chanel Tattoos!

How creative is Peter Philips?!!! The global creative director of Chanel Makeup decorated the models for the Spring 2010 runway show with beautiful ethereal Chanel tattoos. The signature double c logos, chains and pearls elegantly dressed up the models wrists, neck and legs that played up on the clothes.

AND! Chanel will be selling these tattoos at Metro Paragon and Takashimaya Beauty Counters from March 2010. They'll be priced at S$105.00 for a packet of 5 sheets. Grab it!


Anette said...

Ooooh!! I want these...!!

aunty aud said...

i have a tattoo of a beautiful butterfly and hidden among its wings, the names of my husband and mine....the drawing is done by my talented brother andrew...(talent runs in the family like my famous make up artist niece!...hee


haha my aunt aud is sooo nice and supportive! xoxo niceness def runs in the family : )

*~Roxy~* said...

So pretty... but so expensive just for temporary tattoos... :(