Jan 10, 2010

The Natural Beauty Workshop

Look what I found Online! A really interesting Malaysian Blog site (http://www.naturalbeautyworkshop.com/my_weblog/making_natural_skincare_products/) teaching you the ways of making beauty products naturally, oh what fun!

From Making your own sugar scrubs to lipbalms and even your own natural body powder!
What really caught my eye were these do-it-yourself powder puffs, they are just too nice!!! I have to attempt one!

To make your own powder puff you'll need the following supplies:
  • 1 8" x 8" swatch of plain Cotton, Terrycloth, or Bamboo Fabric
  • 1 8" x 8" swatch of Fleece or another fuzzy textured Fabric
  • 1 6" - 8" long piece of Ribbon
  • Cotton or Synthetic Batting
Creating a powder puff is easy.  Simply follow the simple sewing instructions below:
  • Trace a 6 inch circle onto both pieces of Fabric, then cut them out.
  • Sandwich the Ribbon between the two circles and stitch most of the way around the outer edges, leaving about an inch of the circle open.
  • Turn the circle inside out and stuff it with batting.
  • Using a slip stitch, close the opening on the puff.

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