Jan 18, 2010

Nazoru Oekaki Pikatto Kaketa

The Japanese have done it once again! In our time it was the Magna Doodle, we were so blown away by the magnetic pen and stamps and could spend hours just doodling. I actually went out and got my son a Magna Doodle just a few days ago and what a waste of money that was!

My husband had come back from Tokyo on business bearing gifts and one of the gifts, from a Japanese friend was a Sega Toy. An illuminating see- through board with 3 colours! Red, Green and Yellow. It's see-through board is meant for kids to put a picture under it and trace!

 Nazoru Oekaki Pikatto Kaketa

This toy was the Winner of the Universal Award at the 2009 Japan Toy Association Awards and will probably hit stores worldwide in like 2 years...
And to be honest, I've been doodling again! : )

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