Jan 12, 2010

Talika Lash Extender

I bought an exciting product from Sephora yesterday, the Talika Eyelash Extender (s$45.00). A while back I blogged about the traumas of eyelash extension and what terror I went through when the lady took out all my lashes (after I had them for only 2 days and couldn't deal with the constant itching and discomfort!) and I walked around with a heavy liquid eyeliner for the next 2 weeks to cover the baldness!

Trust me, I've heard loads of similiar stories but there are some girls out there who seem to be able to live with them! Wow! Kudos to them! All in the name of beauty : )

Now, this Talika Eyelash Extender (www.talika.com) comes in black fibers that you're able to apply to your lashes after applying a coat of mascara.
For Asians, you must must curl your lashes first! Or else the product will be too heavy and you'll end up looking like snuffulufugus (Sesame Street?)And don't forget the No.1 rule, Waterproof Mascara please!

When applying the fibers, its best to sit down, set a mirror on the table and look down into the mirror while applying. This helps prevent the fibers from getting into your eye. Apply a second coat of mascara after to set the fibers in. Then, take a fan brush (after 2 minutes or when you feel Mascara is dry) and gently brush off excess fibers. So easy! No trauma comes in this name of beauty!

P.S They have an Eyelash Conditioning Gel that apparently grows and thickens your lashes in 28 days! And not fogetting their Eyebrow Extender too! So good!

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