Jan 15, 2010

Chanel Lip Lacquer

Today is Chanel day for me! Everything I'm raving and lusting over is Chanel : )

The Chanel Lip Laquer has been tried and tested and I love the product! I think it came out some time before Christmas last year.
This Lip Laquer takes away ageing lines on lips and plumps up lips like Jessica Rabbit's! I kid you not!

You can see it online at: http://uma.chanel.com/-makeup-lips-lipstick-rouge-allure-laque-luminous-satin-lip-lacquer-/product/MALPR36S

Ming and Santal are my favourites and for the adventurous ones, Dragon and Dynastie are definitely for you! If you're asking, what's so special? Isn't it just another lipstick? Well, it definitely is not!

Go try it at the counter! U will not be disappointed I promise!

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Leesha-Rae said...

OMG OMG OMG...as soon as these came out I was all over them. They are AMAZING!! Ming is so pretty and so nice for everyday. It's my favorite lip to wear. And I totally bought Dragon. That red lasts so long...it's so pretty!! I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear Dragon!!