Oct 3, 2013

This LIVING PROOF can't go wrong!

Jennifer Aniston (!!!) co-owns this haircare brand and the brand has been founded by a team of scientists, backed by celebrity Editorial stylists including Chris McMillan. THE guy behind Jennifer Aniston's luscious locks. 

The same guy that gave Jennifer the best hair in the world status! 
 With smooth matte finish bottles in cool shades of neutrals, the packaging looks serious. There's a distinct scent, very pleasant and I love my hair smelling this divine.
I made a bee-line towards the anti-frizz section.
Like it seriously works!

But seriously, HOW can one go wrong with all the right business moves and the right technology???
Very impressive and you will be taken very seriously LIVING PROOF!


Su said...

Where can I get these?


Sephora will be carrying the brand. Call ION Orchard branch to find out if it's in stores before you head on down.