Oct 28, 2013

2013 Christmas Shopping at Sephora- My Picks Part 1

It has taken me a long time to open up that duffel bag of goodies from Sephora since bringing it home. Too many products too little time! (jealous : ) ?) But ladies, I have to show you some of the goodies you might like to get your BFFs.
Last year, I bought Clarisonics http://www.clarisonic.com/ from Sephora for Christmas gifting. They made so much difference to my skin I had to share them!
This year, I'll be going back to my favorite beauty emporium for more pressies. Here are some exciting stuff.
Soap & Glory always make great gift packs that come in attractive bags. Products are fun to use, for example Sexy Mother Phucker ($35)
This Lip plumping gloss REALLY works! It kinda feels like being stung by bees all over lips and makes lips fuller and less wrinkly. 
And of course the great gift packs that are so cool I will buy them for myself! The bubble will retail for $48.00. and the mother of them all, The Yule Monty for $148.00
Heel Genius is amazing! I've been using it nightly for about 2 years now and everytime I go to the manicurist, I never need them to use the shaving instrument on me. 
Another really fun brand is Too Faced, the brand with the best mascara in the world ; ). At the event they gave out iphone covers and these covers were filled with make-up! Great product concept! And retails for $34.00. Great price!
And this is us at the NARS event a few days later all using the same covers! So fun!

Here's another one I love (and got in my duffel bag!)
The perfect gift for girls who love wearing make-up and also for those who are kinda clueless! With a tutorial page, you really can't go wrong. ($59)
For fragrance lovers, Repetto has come up with a lovely one. Tried it at the event but it wasn't in with the rest of my goodies : (. But it was lovely!
Watch this space! To be continued. Really, its just TOO MUCH to share with you!

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