Oct 28, 2013

2013 Christmas Shopping at Sephora- My Picks Part 2

OMG! I have products overload! I have so much to go through and try, how??? Keep calm and carry on. I'll do the Christmas list first and move on to the other exciting products lying by my side now that just arrived : ). Excitment!!!
Okay okay Sephora Christmas shopping list part deux
This brand, Fresh, has been in Sephora since the beginning of the store opening in Singapore. I really like it. Last few years, during the x'mas events, Fresh had a booth with all their porducts sprawled out and all who were invited got to pick any item on the table! And that included the x'mas hampers too! Well, that was how I got to know the products. 
The tinted Sugar lip balms are great. They tend to melt in our climate sometimes (eg. leaving them in the hot car) but will harden in an AC room. 
Here are my picks.
The brown sugar polish is divine! The moisturizer smells wonderful after working that scrub, and the cherry shade Sugar lipgloss works great for an everyday lippy ($73)
This one makes a good inexpensive gift at $43.00. All for pampering one's lips

Now. For all the hardcore make-up users, the ones who know their stuff. Here are some exciting products. First up, Stila. The Stay all Day liquid eyeliner set is king. 4 of the most used colors in a tin box. ($70)
Next up is Urban Decay. Not to be taken lightly, this make-up brand is serious when it comes to color and intensity! The second vice palette is sexy! Check out the shade Voodoo! And my other fave is Damaged. So good! ($88)
Now to the hair department. My 2 favorite haircare products Living Proof and Percy & Reed.
They smell soooooo good and I love it when my head smells nice and not fowl and oily eeeee!
Percy & Reed's No Oil oOil is WOW! My hair stays smelling so yummy until the next wash. This is a great package ($50)
Free yourself from Frizz

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