May 27, 2014


I really like Laura Mericer and I understand how she has a cult following all around the world. Laura Mercier's packaging is simple, nothing too fancy but silently attractive and kinda serious.

Women who wear Laura Mercier know make-up and are definite about the things they want. Young women who start with Laura Mericer have an idea to the definite things that they want.

Her colours are always wearable. Eyeshadows are never too glittery or crazy drama, instead more earthy and matte. And some with a hint of shine. Lipstick shades are deep, even intense or subtly nude and sheer. 
This season's lipstick- Temptation is super sexy and Lip Glaze- Garnet is the best shade to wear daily. I wore it on the beach with some sunscreen and loved it!
The Body Bronzing Powder stays on skin and not on clothes but I really have yet to try it out in our humid, mucky weather.

Her new High Coverage Concealer for Under eye takes a speck to do its job. It'll even cover a tattoo.

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