May 3, 2014

ESSENTIAL PEOPLE- The Aromatheraphy Healer

This is my first blog entry on Essential people.

Helen Tee. Founder of Theraputics Aroma 
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 If you're in need of a damn good facial, some body treatments ie. massages, a body polish, even an holistic internal stomach massage (Chi Nei Tsang- that come sprinkled with lots of TLC, Helen is the one you've been dreaming of. 

We go back a long way. I've known Helen for 20 odd years or since I was a teenager! We worked in the same building (remember The Promenade?). 
Then, she already had magic in her hands. A special kind of touch. The Midas touch.
I imagine one can only be born with.

I earned a pittance of a salary and could hardly afford to go to Helen for treat(ment) but I always admired her touch and warm, friendly, inviting personality. 
Helen then worked for a beauty company but it didn't take long for her to come out on her own. That's when Theraputics Aroma was born. 

Today, Helen is my Essential Person. I Need her. She is my good addiction. 
I want to age gracefully and hopefully avoid any form of plastic surgery if possible for as long as possible. I have dreams and aspirations of ageing gracefully! 
I do a regular fruit acid peel facial (every 10 days). My skin glows with health when I see Helen. Its like my skin is rejoicing : ).
And I must add, Helen gives the best darn facial massages that no one can beat! I tell you, it's the Midas touch.

Theraputics Aroma only uses natural, plant based products. No chemicals and other such nonsense. Also, with Helen's background as an aromatherapist, one always zens out to her special heavenly scented blends that she massages into your skin slowly and lovingly. Ahhh... I get tingles just thinking of it!

 I have recommended Helen to quite a few ladies (and some men) over the years. They still go to her and regularly too. Today, I am unselfishly sharing a best kept secret.
Helen is a fine, rare gem. 

Book your appointment way in advance! 

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