Jul 31, 2013

Fat Girl Six Pack to the rescue!

Do you think I'll ever have a six pack again after bearing 2 children and gaining 20 kilos each time?!
Honestly, NO.
I've come to terms with the muffin top and saggy skin.
Scars to remind me of my child- bearing experiences.
Who cares really. As long as I don't look disgusting and make an effort to look good, no one's going to know what lies underneath : ).
Except ...my husband... Okayyyy... Here's the latest from Bliss, the 'Fat girl Six Pack'.
I say lets give this a shot, If not, theres always the tummy tuck to look forward to (eeeeeeeee!)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're perfect as you are...and that "Far Girl Sixpack" is probably meant for me...