Dec 17, 2009

powderfuu stories guest starring Susie Chow!

 This is too awesome! Susie is going to guest star on my blog! She's a fantastic writer and mother to 2 beautiful boys! A freelance copywriter and storyteller. Here's what she has to say about our favourite topic: beauty products! Yummy!

What’s the best thing about being best friends with a make-up artist? Beauty advice of course! My gorgeous friend Venetia put me onto this amazing Japanese beauty range called Libote. The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this range was that it is made with 100%  “hot spring water” – I felt squeaky clean just thinking about it!

Libote Sakura Cleanser
I have 3 letters for this amazing cleanser… O.M.G! You know those little icky itty bitty black heads you get all over your nose (well me anyway….), this is the first cleanser that I have found that really really gets rid of them! As you can see the cleanser is black. Well…  it should be, it’s got charcoal in it! And I truly believe that charcoal is the magic ingredient. After all, charcoal has already been used for hundreds and thousands of years as an absorbing and cleansing agent (what do we know?!). And every time I use this cleanser, I just get this image in my mind of the charcoal working like a big black magnet pulling and drawing out those little stubborn black heads in my nose leaving my pores absolutely clean and clear. Ooooooh how utterly delightful!!!

Libote Sakura Moisture Cream
So what else would you expect from a Japanese beauty range but a moisturiser that actually produces beads of water on your skin as you apply it? Sheeeeeesh! These Japanese are just too much for me! Yup, this little genius moisturiser starts off as a light cream, but when you rub it into your skin, it beads up into tiny little water droplets (hot spring water, might I add) for the ultimate hydrating experience.

Chloe EDT
Last night Venetia gave me a bottle of the new Chloe EDT! Awesome!! Well actually, I’m not really that much of a perfume person, but only because I’m scared. I’m terrified of those heavy overbearing stenches that can make you go from chic to cheap in a nanosecond! You all know the ones I am talking about!

Anyway, the Chloe EDT was not scary at all! It was um… er… how do I describe it? I’m not much of a perfume connoisseur so a quick search on the internet gave me this description... “Soft floral tones reminiscent of magnolia, rose and lily of the valley with a cedar wood and amber base”. Whatever! To me, it was more like laying in front of the fireplace on a cold December night, after having soaked in a long and decadent bath, and cuddling up to your favourite Audrey Niffenegger novel! Delicious!


Sharon said...

wow! The cleanser sounds amazing! Is it available in Singapore?


yes! at Sephora Ion. you should definitely get the set! moisturizer is fantastic too, extremely hydrating!

Sharon said...

ooh okie.. will go check it out. heh. heading to Ion = more yummy 4 fingers in the tummy :)

aunty aud said...

yap...where do you get the cleanser? sephora?

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