Dec 13, 2009

Fat Girl Slim

Feeling fat around your neck? Why not try an ass cream!

A couple of weeks ago I was seriously contemplating going for botox around my neck...I couldn't see where my face ended and neck started and looked soo awful in pictures! There was no more definition and I felt so yucks!

One day while in my bathroom staring at my fat face and wondering what I could do about it, I saw from the corner of my eye, a jar of Fat Girl Slim I had gotten as a gift after being invited by Sephora to try out their newly opened Bliss spa. It's been sitting there and this crazy idea of using it on my neck came to me!

I swear to you, its been 8 days and my face has found its definition! I diligently applied it on my neck area with an upwards massage for about 5 minutes, twice a day and voila! No need for botox!

I guess now it s time to start application to my ass then!

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